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The 14 best sunscreen deals to shop during Amazon Prime Day

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An original side-by-side graphic of sunscreens from Amazon on a gradient background.Amazon Prime Day is one of the best times to stock up on your favorite sunscreens.

Amazon/Business Insider

Amazon Prime Day has returned. Today there will be no shortage of stellar beauty deals on a wide variety of summer must-haves — and that includes some of the best sunscreens. A high-quality sunscreen is an essential part of a well-balanced skincare routine, and it can go particularly fast during the sun-drenched months ahead. That’s why Prime Day is so well-timed. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for an everyday face moisturizer or a lip balm with SPF protection, Amazon has our favorites at slashed prices. Here are some of the best deals to snag during the annual 48-hour event.

Our top two favorite Prime Day sunscreen deals

Is Amazon Prime Day a good time to shop for sunscreen?

Prime Day is the perfect opportunity to stock up on some backups of your go-to sunscreen. It’s also an ideal time to try a new sunscreen you’ve had your eye on — since the discounts are so significant, you won’t have to worry too much about buyer’s remorse.

More of the best sunscreen deals to shop during Amazon Prime Day

From July 16th to the 17th, the prices of many top-quality sunscreens will be slashed by up to 50%. Since many of these products rarely go on sale, you’ll definitely want to take advantage on Prime Day.

Looking for more ways to save this Prime Day? Check out our roundup of all the best Amazon Prime Day deals or browse Amazon’s website for more.

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Here are the top investment holdings of JD Vance, Donald Trump’s pick for vice president

Sen. JD Vance at Trump's Manhattan trial in May.

Mark Peterson/Getty Images

  • Ohio Senator JD Vance has been selected as Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate.
  • Vance is pro bitcoin and holds more than $5 million in assets.
  • Here are some of Vance’s largest investments, according to a financial disclosure filed in October. 

Ohio Senator JD Vance has been selected as Donald Trump’s running mate in the 2024 Presidential election.

The Vice President hopeful has an estimated net worth of more than $5 million, and much of that wealth consists of publicly traded stocks.

Vance has also been well-known as a pro-bitcoin advocate, a position backed up by his own holdings of the crypto token.

Vance has experience as a venture capital investor, and that shows in his investment holdings, as he holds stakes in more than 120 private companies, with some notable companies including Palmer Luckey’s defense company Anduril Industries, as well as sneaker exchange company StockX.

Most of Vance’s stakes in private companies are worth between $1,000 to $15,000, according to Vance’s most recent financial disclosure report.

Here are the top publicly traded investments held by JD Vance, according to the Senator’s financial disclosure report filed in October.

The data is as of December 31, 2022.

  1. Walmart


Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Ticker: WMT
Value: $50,000 to $100,000

  1. Oil

US gasoline prices


Ticker: OILK
Value: $50,000 to $100,000

  1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin in front of graph

Chesnot/Getty Images

Ticker: BTC
Value: $100,000 to $250,000, held at Coinbase

  1. Gold

Gold bars stacked in rows gleam in faint light

OsakaWayne Studios/Getty Images

Ticker: GLD
Value: $100,000 to $250,000

  1. Treasury Bonds

Treasury check

wsmahar/Getty Images

Ticker: TLT
Value: $100,000 to $250,000

  1. Rumble

Rumble stock

Business Insider

Ticker: RUM
Value: $115,000 to $300,000

  1. The Nasdaq 100


Business Insider

Ticker: QQQ
Value: $500,000 to $1 million

  1. The S&P 500


Business Insider

Ticker: SPY
Value: $500,000 to $1 million

  1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average


Business Insider

Ticker: DIA
Value: $500,000 to $1 million


US dollarsA bank employee counts US dollar notes in this file photo from May 16, 2016.


Robinhood Checking Account: $100,000 to $250,000
Charles Schwab Checking Account: $100,000 to $250,000
USAA Checking Account: $100,000 to $250,000
Goldman Sachs CDs: A combined $500,000 to $1.05 million
Hunting National Bank Checking Account: $250,000 to $500,000

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Prime Day Nespresso deals: Save up to $70 on top machines and pods

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A composite image of the Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ and a selection of Starbucks Nespresso pods on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2024.Nespresso Prime Day deals include discounts on Nespresso machines and pods.

Amazon, Lily Alig/Business Insider

Prime Day is here, and if you’ve been eyeing a Nespresso machine, it’s a great time to buy. We’re seeing many of the best Nespresso machines on sale, including Nespresso Original and Vertuo models, plus compatible pods. 

Depending on the machine, a Nespresso can cost anywhere from $200 to $700, and that doesn’t even count the pods, milk frothers, or other accessories. Yet, the coffee quality is unmatched by any other pod machine. Nespresso holds a place in our guides to the best espresso machines and the best coffee makers, as these machines offer a solid balance of convenience and quality coffee. 

Prime Day sales will be live on July 16 and 17, but the Nespresso machines may go quick, so don’t wait around to jump on these deals. We’ll be keeping this page updated with all the latest savings on Nespresso machines and pods. 

Amazon Prime Day deals quick links

The best Prime Day Nespresso deals

We typically see one or two Nespresso machines discounted during sale events. Right now, you can save $70 on the Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ and Aeroccino, which brings this bundle to an all-time low price. Prime Day is also a great time to stock up on Nespresso pods. 


Which Nespresso machine is best for you?

The Pixie by Breville espresso machine on a wooden table with an empty glass under the spout.Nespresso makes our favorite pod machines for espresso drinkers.

Isabel Fernandez/Business Insider

Nespresso has two main product lines: Original and Vertuo machines, plus their respective pods. If you only drink espresso, go for the Original. Using the Italian standard 19 bars of pressure, Nespresso Original machines get the closest to true espresso of any pod machine we’ve tried. Plus, many Original machines come with built-in milk frothers, so you can make cappuccinos and lattes at home. (If you want to buy accessories separately, check out our guide to the best milk frothers.)

Vertuo models make espresso and coffee in various sizes depending on the machine. The brewing process and capsule shape are adjusted to work for more types of drinks, including mixed and iced beverages, which may frustrate espresso purists. Most Vertuo machines don’t include milk frothers, but these are still great machines for households who want variety and convenience. 

Shopping for more great Amazon Prime Day deals? Check out our roundup of the best deals here, or browse Amazon’s website for more.

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Coop Prime Day pillow deal: Get 20% off our top tested pillow

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the coop sleep goods pillow on a purple gradient backgroundThe Coop Sleep Goods Original Pillow is the best pillow we’ve ever tested — and it’s on sale for Prime Day.

Amazon/Business Insider

Some of the best Prime Day deals are practically tradition at this point. For our team, one Prime Day pillow deal we look forward to seeing every year is a rare discount on our favorite pillow: the Coop Sleep Coops Original Pillow. Like clockwork, this old faithful 20% discount has come around again this year, and you’ll have just two days to scoop it up.

As Business Insider’s resident home editor, I’ve tested more than 30 pillows (and counting) for our guide to the best pillows, and I’ve yet to find a pillow that’s better than the Coop Sleep Goods Original Pillow. But you don’t have to just take my word for it: at least five other Business Insider reporters and editors have contributed positive insights for our Coop Pillow review over the years. Check the deal out below and read on for more about what we love about this pillow.

What makes this pillow so special is that it’s completely adjustable to suit your individual sleep style. Unlike most pillows, which have a static fill, the Coop pillow is filled with shredded memory foam. You can access the entire inner cavity of the pillow through a side zipper and remove fill to find your perfect loft and support. For those who need even more support, each pillow comes with a pound of extra filling in a separate bag that you can add to the pillow as needed.

Finding your perfect loft will take some trial and error of course. Fortunately, the pillow comes with recommendations to start with. These are based on your sleeping position: less fill for stomach sleepers, moderate fill for back sleepers, and the most fill for side sleepers.

Perhaps most importantly, the pillow comes with a 100-night trial so you can decide if it’s right for you. With nearly three months to test out the pillow before you commit to it, this is basically a risk-free deal worth taking advantage of this Prime Day.

More Prime Day 2024 deals

Shopping for more great Amazon Prime Day deals? Check out our roundup of all of the best deals here, or browse Amazon’s website for more.

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The best Prime Day laptop deals: Save up to 40% on Dell, HP, Asus, and Apple

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original graphic of prime day 2024 deals showing two laptops on a brightly colored backgroundPrime Day laptop deals offer significant discounts on a wide range of models.

Business Insider

Amazon Prime Day is upon us, which means laptops are getting some of the best discounts of their lives. To be sure, not every laptop is getting a good sale, so we’ve only included the best Prime Day laptop deals with the lowest prices we’ve seen, or that offer superb value, at least. 

There are some stunning laptop deals during Prime Day 2024, like 35% off an HP laptop with a huge 17-inch screen, more-than-respectable specs and performance, and a deal price under $400. Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro running on the M3 Max processor is also a whopping $700 off when you click the $200 coupon on its Amazon page. 

You might see bigger discounts on older laptops (pre-2022), but we feel the reduced prices on older laptops aren’t actual deals. Rather, they’re closer to the true value of a laptop after it has aged. With that in mind, we haven’t included those older models. 

Amazon Prime Day deals quick links

Top 5 laptop deals 

The best Amazon Prime Day laptop deals

Laptops from brands like Asus, Samsung, HP, Dell, and Acer are seeing some stunning deals that make these machines more affordable. You can act in two different ways — save money on a laptop that matches your needs, or buy a model with a bit more power for a little future-proofing to add a year or two to the laptop’s life before performance gets too sluggish. The Asus Zenbook S 13 with an OLED display is an especially good deal at $200 off that gets you a powerful laptop with a premium screen for $1,000. The HP 17-inch Laptop offers incredible value with midrange specs and a huge screen for under $400.

The best Amazon Prime Day gaming laptop deals

Gaming laptops are usually expensive due to their powerful components, so Amazon Prime Day is an excellent time to buy one. You can grab some of the best deals of the year on gaming laptops from Alienware, Asus, and MSI. The Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 listed below is an especially well-balanced model for a substantial $550 discount. The MSI Katana A15 with a Ryzen 9 processor and an RTX 4070 GPU poses stunning value at a deal price under $1,500.

The best Prime Day Apple MacBook deals

If you’re looking to buy any of Apple’s MacBook laptops, now would be the time to do it. MacBook Pro models running on Apple’s M3 processors are awesome options with a deal. For general everyday use, the M3 MacBook Air’s 9% deal knocks $100 off Apple’s most capable laptop related to its price. 

How to choose the right laptop

The very first thing to consider when buying a new laptop is whether you want to use Windows or Apple macOS. There are so many variables to consider that we can’t possibly pick one operating system and ecosystem over the other for you.

Generally, if you own a bunch of Apple products like any of the best iPhones or best iPads, you can’t go wrong with a MacBook thanks to Apple’s unbeatable ecosystem of devices that work seamlessly together. Apple’s M3 MacBook Air offers the best bang for the buck for most people with fantastic performance and quality. Those who need extra power for their creative work will find MacBook Pro models a better fit thanks to their built-in fans for cooling and options for more powerful M3 processors and specs, like the M3 Pro and M3 Max.

Windows laptops are also excellent options for anyone, even if you own several Apple devices, or you simply don’t vibe with macOS. Some Windows laptops can be more affordable than MacBooks while still delivering plenty of speedy performance and longevity. The Asus Zenbook 15 (25% off) comes to mind. If you’re looking for something as premium-feeling as Apple’s MacBooks, Samsung’s Galaxy Book 4 Pro (21% off) is the option that sticks out. 

As far as processors go, you can basically tell the performance level with the number next to a processor’s name, and that applies to Intel and AMD processors. If you see the number “5,” that means midrange, which usually delivers the best balance of performance and value for the vast majority of people. When you see the number “7” you’re in the high-end range, which the proverbial “most people” may benefit from for longevity, even if it costs a little more. And when you see the number “9,” you’re in the supreme performance range that most people certainly don’t need. Usually, it’s content creators and gamers who benefit the most from these super high-end processors. 

When it comes to MacBooks and processors, the vast majority of people will find the standard M2 and M3 more than enough for their needs. Most people don’t need the M3 Pro or M3 Max models, unless you want them for graphically intensive work.

In 2024, we tend to suggest people buy laptops with at least 16GB of RAM if they’re thinking of buying a Windows option. Apple’s base-level MacBooks start with 8GB, and we grudgingly say that’s enough for “most people.” Apple charges $200 extra for 16GB RAM in their laptops running the standard M2 and M3 processors. If possible, opt for 16GB. If not, 8GB is still OK, but we’d really like to see Apple step up their base laptops with 16GB RAM standard. 

Storage is mostly up to you and your needs. If you use cloud services like Google Drive or Google Photos, you may not need that much on-device storage. If you’d rather keep everything off the cloud, you might want at least 1TB storage, or opt for external storage drives. 

For gaming, even though Apple has made great strides in gaming performance, there’s realistically only one option — a Windows gaming machine. 

How to choose the right gaming laptop

When picking a gaming laptop, the processor (CPU) and graphics processor (GPU) are the most important specs to look for. They’ll directly affect how smoothly a laptop can play a game and dictate the graphics settings you apply, whether low, medium, or high (and even ultra). RAM can have a big impact, too, but most usually have the standard amount of 16GB. 

Just like regular laptops, you can get a general idea of a CPU’s power by the number attached to it (5, 7, or 9). The same goes for GPU performance, but numbers look more like this: 4050, 4060, 4070, and 4080. The GPUs featured here are from Nvidia’s RTX series, and for perspective, the RTX 4050 isn’t very powerful. It’ll run low-power games just fine, but you’ll probably be limited to lower graphics settings for graphically demanding major AAA releases.

The RTX 4060 is generally where we’d recommend starting for a good experience concerning graphics settings and smooth, higher frames-per-second performance. As you go up, the experience gets better, but the price, unsurprisingly, also goes higher.

Shopping for more great Amazon Prime Day deals? Check out our roundup of all of the best deals here, or browse Amazon’s website for more.

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Десятая годовщина сбития MH17: ЕС вновь призвал РФ признать ответственность

Жозеп Боррель в день 10-летия катастрофы рейса MH17 заявил, что никакая российская дезинформация не сможет отвлечь внимание от фактов, установленных судом по делу о сбитии лайнера.

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Лавров призывал учитывать права нацменьшинств в предложениях по Украине

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Мурашко: на медицину на Северном Кавказе выделено 24 млрд рублей

По итогам 2024 года в Северо-Кавказском федеральном округе может увеличиться ожидаемая продолжительность жизни.

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Диетолог Панкова раскрыла пользу зелени с огорода

Добавленная в рацион зелень поможет поддержать здоровье, так как содержит множество питательных веществ.

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Вика Цыганова «припечатала» резким словом Артура Смольянинова

По мнению Цыгановой, этот человек просто не достоин внимания россиян.