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В Полтаве прогремели взрывы

Информации о последствиях взрывов нет.

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Drew Peterson: I don’t want my kids to think ‘I killed their mothers’

(NewsNation) — Drew Peterson, whose sensational trial for killing his third wife ended in a guilty verdict and a 38-year prison sentence, sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield. In the interview, Banfield pressed Peterson on “laying it all out there” and admitting if he committed any other murders.

“I’m not wanting my children to believe that I killed their mothers.” the former Bolingbrook, Illinois, police sergeant told Banfield. “I don’t want them thinking that of me.”

Peterson was found guilty of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, a few months after their 2003 divorce. His fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, disappeared in 2007 and has never been found.

When Banfield noted that sounded like an admission, but Peterson denied that, saying, “I want them to know the truth and believe the truth.”

As recently as October 2021, Drew Peterson maintained his innocence in a hand-written post-conviction filing from prison. In it, he alleged his former attorney Joel Brodsky “put me out to the press and put me on national television.”

In the interview with Banfield, Peterson continued to blame his conviction on a widespread bias against police officers.

“People enjoy seeing policemen in trouble. I’ve seen a lot of cops get in trouble and people enjoy that.”

Peterson, now 70, also wrote that Will County State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow intimidated witnesses, which Glasgow’s office denies.

Judges have already rejected most of the arguments Peterson made in his most recent filing.

However, his claims about the state’s attorney intimidating witnesses are new, legal experts and a former member of Peterson’s legal team told the Associated Press. Still, Peterson would need to present evidence to back up those claims.

The case is set to resume in Will County court March 6, local newspaper The Herald-Review reported.

Banfield, noting that Peterson will likely die in prison, asked Peterson what’s stopping him from simply telling his full story, possibly by writing a book.

“There’s no money involved in it,” Peterson responded. “You’re going to pay me, I’ll do it.”

Peterson remains in custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections and is expected to undergo a mental fitness evaluation at the request of his public defender, court records show.

If Peterson succeeds in his post-conviction efforts, it wouldn’t guarantee his release. After his initial conviction, Peterson was found guilty in 2016 of plotting to kill Glasglow and sentenced to 40 years in prison, the AP noted.

NewsNation Digital Reporter Katie Smith contributed to this report.

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Wendy Williams’ best friend slams new documentary

(NewsNation) — In an exclusive interview on NewsNation’s “CUOMO,” Regina Shell, a close friend of Wendy Williams, voiced concerns over the TV personality’s guardianship arrangement in the wake of a new documentary chronicling her life.

The documentary “Where Is Wendy Williams?” came out over the weekend right after Williams’ team announced she had been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. The documentary has faced criticism for its portrayal of Williams.

The producers, upon learning of her condition, admitted they wouldn’t have proceeded had they been aware during filming. The talk show host’s departure from “The Wendy Williams Show” after a decade raised speculation.

Shell, who appeared in the documentary without prior knowledge of its contents, recounted instances where Williams had no access to her finances, leading to delays in necessities like food. Shell expressed worries about the integrity of the appointed guardian, citing legal allegations against them.

“When I was in New York, staying with Wendy in the summer, I noticed she had no access to her money,” Shell recounted. “So every time she had to do anything she had to pay for, you had to go through the guardian. Her publicist also who lives out in LA, both of us were going back and forth sending food to Wendy, because she wasn’t having access to food.”

Shell, while acknowledging the concerning behaviors exhibited by Williams, emphasized the lack of official medical confirmation regarding her condition.

“I haven’t heard an official diagnosis from a doctor,” Shell stated. “Maybe I’m in denial because I’m so close to the issue. I see behaviors that could potentially be such a diagnosis, but I don’t want to believe it.”

Reflecting on past encounters with Williams, Chris Cuomo recalled witnessing concerning behavior and substance abuse.

“When I was with her a few summers ago, she was impressively a mess. I felt very badly for her. I talked to her about it directly. And as you might imagine, she had absolutely no appetite for the discussion,” Cuomo said.

Shell acknowledged Williams’ cleverness in potentially concealing her struggles but expressed frustration over limited access to support her friend.

“So she could potentially have been getting away, quote, unquote, with a diagnosis potentially like this for a long time because she’s quite smart,” Shell said.

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Нацбанк Киргизии сохранил учетную ставку на уровне 13%

АЛМА-АТА, 27 фев (Рейтер) – Национальный банк Киргизии
сохранил учетную ставку на уровне 13,0%, сообщил ЦБ во вторник.

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Остатки на корсчетах в Нацбанке Казахстана на 26 фев выросли до 628,523 млрд тенге

АЛМА-АТА, 27 фев (Рейтер) – Остатки на корреспондентских
счетах кредитных организаций в Национальном банке Казахстана на
26 февраля выросли до 628,523 миллиарда тенге с 479,627
миллиарда тенге ранее, сообщил ЦБ.
Ниже следуют данные ЦБ на отчетную дату:

объем в
млрд тенге
26.02.2024 628,523

23.02.2024 479,627

22.02.2024 458,131

21.02.2024 528,043

20.02.2024 494,965

19.02.2024 541,127

16.02.2024 494,422

15.02.2024 459,661

14.02.2024 550,450

13.02.2024 554,810

12.02.2024 534,567

09.02.2024 542,379

08.02.2024 596,955

07.02.2024 720,332

06.02.2024 703,933

05.02.2024 717,751

02.02.2024 669,660

01.02.2024 676,980

31.01.2024 674,672

30.01.2024 734,065

29.01.2024 689,281

26.01.2024 781,411

25.01.2024 578,834

24.01.2024 582,821

23.01.2024 612,799

22.01.2024 605,056

19.01.2024 552,163

18.01.2024 570,257

17.01.2024 576,309

16.01.2024 585,000

15.01.2024 552,325

14.01.2024 544,381

11.01.2024 517,123


09.01.2024 517,843

08.01.2024 511,617

05.01.2024 514,685

04.01.2024 511,623

03.01.2024 740,715

29.12.2023 978,508

28.12.2023 836,217

27.12.2023 682,170

26.12.2023 684,464

25.12.2023 573,336

22.12.2023 634,912

21.12.2023 611,179

20.12.2023 568,236

19.12.2023 676,718

15.12.2023 594,343

14.12.2023 604,398

13.12.2023 650,616

12.12.2023 536,361

11.12.2023 613,252

08.12.2023 669,854

07.12.2023 583,212

06.12.2023 615,607

05.12.2023 817,052

04.12.2023 656,851

01.12.2023 588,955

(Мария Гордеева)

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Полянский назвал бредом слова постпреда Израиля, сравнившего Россию и ХАМАС


Первый зампостпреда РФ при ООН Дмитрий Полянский прокомментировал заявление израильского постпреда Гилада Эрдана, который сравнил действия России на Украине с атакой ХАМАС на Израиль. Эти слова он назвал бредом.

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Ученые связали хорошие когнитивные способности с дневным отдыхом


Короткий дневной сон положительно влияет на когнитивные способности человека, а продолжительный, наоборот, сбивает циркадные ритмы. Выводы ученых публикует журнал The Conversation.

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Sweden to Become 32nd Nation to Join NATO

A vote by Hungary’s Parliament clears the way for Sweden to join NATO, the 32nd nation to do so. The Netherlands contributes 100 million euros to Ukraine’s war effort. U.S. President Biden says Gaza cease-fire could begin this weekend. And, girls skateboarding in South Africa shaking things up.

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Jacob Rothschild, Financier and Philanthropist of Famous Banking Family, Dies at 87

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, co-founder and chairman of J. Rothschild Assurance Holdings Plc, pauses during the Sovereign Debt Briefing conference in London, U.K., on Thursday, June 24, 2010.

LONDON — Financier and philanthropist Jacob Rothschild, of the renowned Rothschild banking dynasty, has died at 87, his family said Monday.

Rothschild began his career in the family bank, NM Rothschild & Sons, in 1963, before breaking away to start businesses and charitable organizations. His family paid tribute to him in a statement.

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“Our father Jacob was a towering presence in many people’s lives, a superbly accomplished financier, a champion of the arts and culture, a devoted public servant, a passionate supporter of charitable causes in Israel and Jewish culture, a keen environmentalist and much-loved friend, father and grandfather,” his family said.

“He will be buried in accordance with Jewish custom in a small family ceremony and there will be a memorial at a later date to celebrate his life,” they added, without providing any more details.

The Rothschild family has an estimated fortune of about 825 million pounds ($1 billion), according to last year’s Sunday Times Rich List. It reportedly gives away millions of pounds to Jewish causes, education and art.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was among the political and cultural leaders who paid tribute to Rothschild. Blair described him as a “towering figure in Britain’s Jewish community” and praised his work advancing peace in the Middle East.

Read More: The History of Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories, from the Rothschilds to George Soros

Born in Berkshire, west of London, Rothschild was educated at Eton College and studied history at Christ Church College, Oxford University.

After leaving the Rothschild bank, he took control of Rothschild Investment Trust, now RIT Capital Partners. He was chairman of the firm, one of the largest investment trusts on the London Stock Exchange, until 2019.

He also co-founded the then J Rothschild Assurance Group, now St James’s Place, with Mark Weinberg in 1980, and served as deputy chairman at what was then BSkyB Television, among other roles.

In the cultural sector he was chairman of the board of trustees at London’s National Gallery and chair of the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The Rothschild Foundation, the charity which manages the family’s former home, the country house Waddesdon Manor, said Jacob Rothschild’s daughter Hannah would succeed him as its chair.

Jacob Rothschild was married for more than 50 years to Serena, who died in 2019. They have four children, Hannah, Beth, Emily and Nat, and many grandchildren.

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‘Nothing Can Be Excluded’– War in Ukraine Update for Feb. 27


Macron not opposed to sending French troops to Ukraine; Drone production to reach 1M this year; Poland wags finger at US House leader; Russians make more advances west of Bakhmut and Avdiivka