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Обзор 4К-проектора XGIMI Horizon Ultra: Кинотеатр на максималках


На выставке IFA-2023 в Берлине компания XGIMI представила новый флагманский длиннофокусный 4K-проектор Horizon Ultra. Новинка посетила редакцию “РГ” и произвела весьма неожиданное впечатление.

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Для реализации мастер-планов городов ДФО будет создана цифровая платформа


Для координации всех проектов, предусмотренных мастер-планами 22 дальневосточных агломераций, будет применяться цифровая платформа – Центр управления проектами, разрабатываемая Корпорацией развития Дальнего Востока и Арктики (КРДВ). Об этом сообщает Минвостокразвития в своем Telegram-канале.

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В Башкирии из бензовоза разлилось около трех тонн дизельного топлива


19 февраля в Кушнаренковском районе на трассе опрокинулся бензовоз, который перевозил из Уфы в Янаул 23 кубометров дизельного топлива. По данным МЧС по РБ, около трех тонн вылилось на дорогу.

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Минобороны: Жители освобожденной Авдеевки с радостью встретили военных России


Жители освобожденной Авдеевки признались, что обрадовались приходу российских войск, сообщили в Минобороны РФ.

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В Новосибирске осудили устроившего стрельбу блогера


В Новосибирске вынесли приговор блогеру, обвиняемому в хулиганстве – он устроил стрельбу и снял это на видео.

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‘An outright lie and mockery’ – War in Ukraine Update for Feb. 20


Washington waits, Russia gains, Zelensky says; Civilian killed in Zaporizhzhia region; Moscow pressures celebs to support war; Navalny tributes pop up worldwide; Combat slows near Adviivka after fall

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Navalny’s Widow Vows to Continue His Fight For a Free Russia

The widow of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has vowed to continue his fight. Protesters in Jerusalem scuffle with police and call for the hostages’ return. WHO says they were shocked by what they found at Gaza’s Nasser hospital. And tracking polar bears using collars with video cameras.

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Astronomers Find What May Be the Universe’s Brightest Object With a Black Hole Devouring a Sun a Day

Brightest Quasar

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Astronomers have discovered what may be the brightest object in the universe, a quasar with a black hole at its heart growing so fast that it swallows the equivalent of a sun a day.

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The record-breaking quasar shines 500 trillion times brighter than our sun. The black hole powering this distant quasar is more than 17 billion times more immense than our sun, an Australian-led team reported Monday in the journal Nature Astronomy.

While the quasar resembles a mere dot in images, scientists envision a ferocious place.

The rotating disk around the quasar’s black hole—the luminous swirling gas and other matter from gobbled-up stars—is like a cosmic hurricane.

“This quasar is the most violent place that we know in the universe,” lead author Christian Wolf of Australian National University said in an email.

Read More: This Is the First Picture of a Black Hole — And That’s a Big, Even Supermassive, Deal

The European Southern Observatory spotted the object, J0529-4351, during a 1980 sky survey, but it was thought to be a star. It was not identified as a quasar—the extremely active and luminous core of a galaxy — until last year. Observations by telescopes in Australia and Chile’s Atacama Desert clinched it.

“The exciting thing about this quasar is that it was hiding in plain sight and was misclassified as a star previously,” Yale University’s Priyamvada Natarajan, who was not involved in the study, said in an email.

These later observations and computer modeling have determined that the quasar is gobbling up the equivalent of 370 suns a year—roughly one a day. Further analysis shows the mass of the black hole to be 17 to 19 billion times that of our sun, according to the team. More observations are needed to understand its growth rate.

The quasar is 12 billion light-years away and has been around since the early days of the universe. A light-year is 5.8 trillion miles.

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Residents Free to Return to Iceland Village Evacuated by Volcano Eruptions

Reykjavik, Iceland — Icelandic police said Monday that residents of a fishing village evacuated because of multiple volcanic eruptions were allowed to return, adding that they believed few would stay overnight because of the state of the town.

The roughly 4,000 residents of Grindavik on the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland had to be evacuated on Nov. 11 after hundreds of earthquakes damaged buildings and opened up huge cracks in roads, shrouding the village’s future in doubt.

The quakes were followed by a volcanic fissure on Dec. 18 that spared the village, but a second on Jan. 14 opened right on the town’s edge, sending orange lava flowing into the streets and reducing three homes to ashes.

On Feb. 8 a third eruption near the village started, sending an estimated 15 million cubic meters of lava flowing out in the first seven hours.

Lava from the third eruption crossed over a key water pipe, cutting off hot water, which is also used to heat houses, in the southern part of the peninsula, known as Sudurnes, home to some 28,000 inhabitants.

On Monday, the chief of police of Sudurnes, Ulfar Ludviksson, decided that residents and those working in the village were once again free to return to the town and could stay as long as they wanted.

In a statement, Ludviksson made clear that residents and workers enter the town “at their own risk” and stressed that the town was “not a place for children.”

Police added that the town’s infrastructure is in a state of disrepair, the hot water pipe supplying the town is leaking, meaning heating is limited, and there is no cold water, and therefore no drinking water.

“The police chief does not expect many … to choose to stay in the town overnight. They are allowed to do so, but the police chief does not recommend it,” the statement said.

The town remains closed to anyone but residents, workers or those who need to help residents.

Iceland is home to 33 active volcano systems, the highest number in Europe.

It straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a crack in the ocean floor separating the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.

But until March 2021, the Reykjanes peninsula had not experienced an eruption for eight centuries.

Further eruptions occurred in August 2022 and in July and December 2023, leading volcanologists to say it was probably the start of a new era of seismic activity in the region.

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