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Trump’s Ex-Lawyer Says Jared Kushner Could Throw The Ex-President Under Bus To Save Himself: ‘Probably A Cooperating Witness’

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Donald Trump faced his third indictment this week, with the federal government naming six people as co-conspirators who had colluded with the former president in an attempt to overthrow 2020 election results.

In an interview with CNN, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, discussed the six unnamed co-conspirators who have since been unmasked by the media.

What Happened: Special counsel Jack Smith, who filed the indictment, isn’t letting anyone escape, Cohen said in the interview. “Each and every one of them knows that this is me that they’re talking about,” Cohen said.

Cohen also said Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer and a former Department of Justice staffer, may have already spoken to investigators. “Rudy has no interest in spending his remaining days on this planet behind bars for Donald Trump,” Cohen said.

What is more important are those who are missing from the list of co-conspirators, Cohen said, adding the names of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Mark Meadows, the latter of whom served as White House chief of staff in 2020 and 2021.

“You see nothing of Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner was the secretary of everything. How is it possible that he is not listed here? … He was on Donald’s lap the entire time from the day Donald entered the White House to the day that he left,” Cohen said.

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When asked whether Kushner would cooperate against Trump, Cohen said, “Oh, in a heartbeat. Do you think Jared is any different than Donald? Do you think that Donald wouldn’t throw Jared under the bus in order to save himself? The answer is an emphatic yes.”

Why It’s Important: Incidentally, just after the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, several political analysts, along with the former president’s niece Mary Trump, said that Kushner was the Mar-a-Lago mole who had tipped off the federal agency regarding classified documents that Donald Trump had handled.

Kushner, however, has denied the allegations. The New York Times reported in mid-July that Kushner testified before a federal courthouse in Washington D.C. in June, saying that he thinks that Trump truly believed the election results were stolen.

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