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RFK Jr.: Mainstream media ‘has an agenda’

(NewsNation) — Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized mainstream media Wednesday as “having an agenda,” before touting NewsNation as “straight up and down the line.”

Kennedy was appearing on NewsNation’s “CUOMO” when a caller asked how he plans to combat misinformation against his campaign. “CUOMO,” he said, was one of the first shows to “actually let me on to have a conversation.”

“CNN has an agenda. MSNBC has an agenda. Fox News has an agenda. But NewsNation plays it pretty much straight up and down the line,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy has had success reaching Americans through podcasts but is working to strengthen his support among the Baby Boomer generation, he said.

Pressed on whether he would debate former President Donald Trump, Kennedy said he’d “love nothing more.”

Trump hasn’t participated in any of the debates sponsored by the Republican National Committee during the current election cycle.

“It would be great to have a three-person debate, but I will debate either President Biden or President Trump (in) any kind of form that they want,” Kennedy said.

As for Kennedy’s safety as he takes on entities including the pharmaceutical industry, the 70-year-old candidate assured a caller it’s “not something I worry about.”

“I was raised in a family where we were taught that, number one — there’s a lot worse things than dying and one of those things is living like a slave or having our children lose all the freedoms that so many generations of Americans died to give us and to protect,” Kennedy said.