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Prince William’s dad-dancing to Taylor Swift was a joy to behold | Tim Dowling

Letting loose at the star’s Wembley show, the comic absurdity somehow worked. But copycat dads, beware

For men possessed of sufficient age and experience, the secret to dancing like no one is watching is simple: make sure no one is watching. Lock the doors, draw the curtains, put black tape over all the webcams in your house, and proceed. I was going to add that you should only dance anywhere you would also be happy to appear naked, until I remembered the shower, and saunas. Obviously, don’t dance in either of those.

No such security was available to Prince William at the weekend, when he was spotted – and also filmed – dancing away to Taylor Swift at Wembley Stadium on his 42nd birthday, in a blue blazer, high up on the balcony of some hospitality suite. It’s amazing to me that seats that expensive don’t come with one-way privacy screens, but evidently they do not.

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