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Photos: Hearse in Ohio with eye-catching license plate

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LICKING COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – A hearse in Ohio with an eye-catching license plate is catching some attention.

It’s not clear who owns or drives the vehicle, but pictures of the hearse have been shared multiple times on a public Facebook page called Ohio Vanity License Plates.

According to page posts, the hearse, which is typically known for carrying a coffin, has been spotted in and around Licking County with the license plate “U B NEXT.”

  • Credit: Kristen Anglada
  • Credit: Kristen Anglada
  • Credit: Kristen Anglada

“It’s a hearse with a premonition….” wrote Kristen Anglada, who gave FOX 8 permission to share her pictures and said she spotted the unusual vehicle and license plate combo in Heath.

Another person shared pictures of the hearse on the page and wrote that they spotted it in Newark.

One person wrote, “He drives that car everywhere.”

According to Facebook, the page that’s dedicated to sharing unique and clever vanity plates was created five years ago and has more than 40,000 members.