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Alleged Pentagon Leaker Posted Chilling Messages About ‘Violence and Murder’…

Audio Post – Alleged Intel Leaker Said He Wanted to ‘Kill a Fuck Ton of People’: Prosecutors…


Audio Post – Pentagon leaker filmed himself in antisemitic rant at gun range…


#GRU #PentagonLeaks #Teixeira GRU and Pentagon leaks – Google Search Jack Michael Teixeira: How was a gamer and Air National Guardsman able to leak a mountain of Pentagon secrets?


teixeira made racial remarks – Google Search…

Alleged Leaker Said He Wanted to ‘Kill a F*ck Ton of People’: DOJ… via @thedailybeast

#Teixeira #GRU #PentagonLeaks FBI #FBI DOJ #DOJ GRU and Pentagon leaks | Teixeira made racial remarks | Teixeira researched mass shootings


This may be the indication that Teixeira may have been motivated, at least in part by his racially tinged dislike for Secretary Austin (“gorilla glue”, etc.), and he might be influenced in it by others, deliberately and purposefully. This has to be investigated.…

Teixeira made racial remarks – Google Search…

teixeira made racial remarks – Google Search…

FBI #FBI: This confirms my thesis that mass shootings, espionage, and gaming chart rooms are closely related: “US document leak suspect destroyed evidence, researched mass shootings, prosecutors say” –… 📷The News And Times – “Mass Killings, Espionage, And The Online Gaming Chats: Recruitment, Training, Influencing, Manipulations” – 4.15.23 Teixeira researched mass shootings – Google Search

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

US document leak suspect destroyed evidence, researched mass shootings – prosecutors

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

The airman accused of leaking classified files tried to obstruct investigators and has a history of racist and violent remarks, prosecutors said.

Ex-Navy Officer Reportedly Probed for Amplifying Pentagon Leak to Russian Channels… via @YahooNews

#PentagonLeaks Pentagon Leaks Sarah Bils – Google Search


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