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John-Paul Miller shares TikTok about wife Mica Miller’s death

(NewsNation) — John-Paul Miller has “over 350 pieces of proof” related to the death of his wife, Mica Miller, he revealed in a new TikTok posted by account TrueCrimeRi.

“I am looking forward to presenting over 350 pieces of proof. … You’re going to be shocked at some of the things that Mica says. We’re going to find out actually who is responsible for my wife’s death,” Miller said in the video. “And Mica will have justice.”

He explained the videos will include texts and emails sent prior to his wife’s death, adding, “People forget that Mica corresponded with me more than anybody else on planet Earth.”

Mica Miller was found dead of a gunshot wound in Lumber River State Park in North Carolina on April 27, 2024. Authorities ruled her death a suicide, though her family and internet sleuths alike believe foul play may have been involved.

Her father, Michael Francis, said during an appearance on “Elizabeth Vargas Reports” he never wanted her to marry John-Paul Miller.

“I totally opposed it,” Francis said. “There were things going on baffling me. Him having matching tattoos to her, and then he even had a tattoo put on her of his signature. He owned her … That’s what he felt like.”

  • Photo: Burroughs Funeral Home & Cremation Services
  • Mica Miller, 30, was found dead in a North Carolina state park late last month. (Credit:
    Mica Acacia Miller via Facebook)

Mica Miller served her estranged husband divorce papers due to a reportedly turbulent relationship just days before her death, leading many to suspect him.

In the TikTok, the pastor decried rumors that had been spread online about his and his wife’s relationship before her death, promising a multipart series of videos breaking down his evidence.

He said his videos will disprove claims made by her family. He also added that his silence up until this point has been “nothing more than wisdom and self-control” on his part.


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Following Mica Miller’s death and accusations of abuse and infidelity, the Daily Mail UK reports he has been released from his duties at Solid Rock Ministries.

The video ends with a promise for “Part Two with John-Paul” coming soon, though it is unclear how frequently the updates will be posted.