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I took a $195 luxury bus from the Hamptons to NYC, and the high-end freebies I got on board were worth more than my ticket

exerior shot of the hamptons streamliner busHamptons Streamliner is a new luxury bus offering.

Elizabeth Blasi

  • I rode the Hamptons Streamliner from the Hamptons to New York City for $195 one-way. 
  • The seats were incredibly comfortable, and a bus attendant made sure I had everything I needed.
  • I had my choice of drinks and snacks, and I got a complimentary travel kit full of luxury products.

As of May, New Yorkers have a new luxurious way to travel to the Hamptons for the weekend: The Hamptons Streamliner.

The upscale bus service is a new collaboration between elite helicopter service Blade and luxury bus company The Jet.

The Streamliner offers a high-end travel experience that’s a bit longer (but far cheaper) than Blade’s $1,050 one-way helicopter rides.

I’d typically hop on the Long Island Railroad or the Jitney Bus to get home from the Hamptons, but I had the chance to experience the sophisticated alternative over Memorial Day weekend.

I ended up being the only passenger on an off-hour Friday return trip, but the Streamliner honored my ticket without hesitation.

Here’s what my ride was like and why my $195 one-way ticket was worth every penny.

The seats were extremely comfortable — I didn’t feel a single bump on the road. seats on the luxury streamliner hamptons busThe specially designed seats are supposed to be motion-canceling.

Elizabeth Blasi

The first thing I noticed on the bus was the luxurious chairs. They looked similar to the comfortable seats on The Jet, which I rode for the first time last year.

The memory-foam, motion-canceling Hoverseats were undoubtedly the highlight of the journey. The holiday weekend stop-and-go traffic was transformed into a smooth, almost gliding experience.

The reclining seats also had so much legroom — I could fully extend my legs and still not reach the seat in front of me. Combined with the built-in footrest and provided cashmere blanket, it rivaled the comfort of a first-class airplane seat.

I sipped and snacked in style.hand holding up a plastic wine glass tumbler on fancy busI got a fancy glass of sparkling water.

Elizabeth Blasi

One of the joys of traveling on the Streamliner is the complimentary beverage service.

During my ride, I was offered three complimentary alcoholic drinks, including fun options like espresso martinis. There was also an assortment of teas, coffees, and other nonalcoholic drinks.

Even the sparkling water was luxurious since it was served in a stylish custom tumbler.

A selection of snacks (mainly bags of chips and cookies) was also available throughout my trip.

If I had been taking the trip from NYC to the Hamptons, I could’ve enjoyed PopUp Bagels (morning buses), Sweetgreen salads (afternoon/evening buses), and fresh chocolate-chip cookies (all buses).

I had attentive and personalized service from a bus concierge.legs under a cashmere blanket stretched out in front of a comfy seat on a busI was extremely cozy under one of the bus’ cashmere blankets.

Elizabeth Blasi

A dedicated bus attendant was at my service throughout the trip.

If I needed something or had a question about my seat, the attendant was quick to help and ensured my journey was as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Each bus has only 19 seats, so I imagine the attendant could still be attentive to each customer even if they’re on a fully booked ride.

I didn’t hesitate to use the bus bathrooms.shot of the bathroom insider the streamliner hamptons busI could fully change and do my makeup in the bathrooms.

Elizabeth Blasi

Even the bathrooms on the Hamptons Streamliner are designed with luxury in mind.

I found all the necessary amenities, including ample toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer. The backlit vanity mirror was perfect for my makeup touch-ups, and the full-length mirror in the spacious room made it easy to change into comfy clothes for the ride.

I loved being able to work and play on the go.shot of someone's legs sitting in a comfy bus seat with lots of legroomI had enough space and WiFi to work remotely on the bus.

Elizabeth Blasi

The high-speed internet was exceptional — I could even use my design programs seamlessly while coasting along Long Island’s busy highways.

The connectivity allowed me to remain productive and work from the bus. But it’s also great if you’re just looking to stay entertained throughout the ride.

I think the amenity kit alone was worth the ticket price.shot of the luxury amenity kit from the streamliner hamptons busGetting free products from high-end brands is always a win.

Elizabeth Blasi

The journey came with a delightful surprise: an amenity kit filled with luxury products from the Streamliner’s partners.

I received a claw clip along with wellness and beauty products from higher-end brands like Kiehl’s, Replica, Saie, and Maison Margiela.

The 1-ounce bottle of Symbiome serum in the complimentary kit retails for $200 on its own. With the $40 perfume sample set, $22 lip oil, $40 box of vitamin-C packets, and more, I’d say I definitely got my money’s worth — and then some.

It was a lovely gift that added to my overall enjoyment of the trip.

The Streamliner was an incredibly worthwhile investment for comfortable travel.shot inside the streamliner luxury busI’d take the luxury bus again in a heartbeat.

Elizabeth Blasi

When it comes to Hamptons transportation options, the Streamliner makes the most sense for me — even with the high price tag.

Reliable internet access means I can work on board instead of wasting a day of PTO. Plus, the food, beverages, and amenity kit more than made up for the cost of the ticket.

Overall, the trip was worth the $195, and I’ll be taking the Hamptons Streamliner for all future trips.

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