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Starmer has promised big – now he must be bold and move quickly. Here’s how he should start | Gaby Hinsliff

In league with regional mayors, the prime minister can test good ideas in areas like housing. There is promising talent in Labour’s ranks too. Fast track it

It was just before breakfast, at a leisure centre in Norfolk, that this particular era of Conservatism came to an end. A white-faced Liz Truss left the stage without a word, after losing her supposedly impregnable seat to Labour.

Though Keir Starmer had effectively won the election some hours before, this was middle England’s final, cleansing act of revenge against the former prime minister most strongly associated – admittedly against stiff competition from her predecessor – with that particular strain of blithe incompetence that has ruined lives for too long. Justice was done. It felt less like an election than a miraculously bloodless revolution.

Gaby Hinsliff is a Guardian columnist

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