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I spent a day at Kalahari, a resort in the ‘water park capital of the world’ for $60. Even as an adult, it was an absolute blast.

indoor water park slides at kalahari resort in wisconsin dellsKalahari Resort is one of the many water parks in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Joe Opaleski

  • I spent a day in Wisconsin Dells, also known as the “water park capital of the world.”
  • For $60, I visited Kalahari water park, which had a surprising number of rides for kids and adults.
  • I loved Kalahari, and it’s nice that the indoor water park makes it possible to enjoy it all year.

The Midwest isn’t known for tropical temperatures or stunning beaches, but it is home to the “water park capital of the world”: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

The city has more water parks per capita than anywhere else, and around 4 million tourists flock to its indoor and outdoor attractions every year. In March, I jumped at the chance to visit Kalahari, one of the hundreds of water parks in the area.

There are hundreds of parks to choose from, but I ended up buying a $60 pass to Kalahari, a safari-themed water-park chain with five locations across the US.

Here’s what it was like to explore the property’s indoor water park for a day.

The large indoor park had a great variety of rides for both adults and children.exterior shot of kalahari water park in wisconsin dellsKalahari has a safari theme across the resort and water parks.

Joe Opaleski

Nestled along Interstate 90, Kalahari is a safari-themed resort in Wisconsin Dells. I planned a day at the resort’s indoor water park, but there is also an outdoor park when the weather is nice.

March in Wisconsin is cold, but the property’s indoor water park was a tropical oasis.

I was pleasantly surprised by the expansive park. From thrilling rides to family-friendly attractions, there was something for everyone.

I’m glad I got there right when it opened. map of kalahari water park in wisconsin dellsIt took me a minute to get situated in the large indoor water park.

Joe Opaleski

The park opened at 10 a.m., and I arrived promptly to secure a spot around the pools.

The tables are first come, first served, and ours became the home base for our group of eight throughout the day.

We felt comfortable leaving towels and clothes behind at the table, but I paid $15 for an all-day locker to hold valuables like phones, wallets, and keys.

As a thrill seeker, I found plenty to do. indoor water slides and pools at kalahari water park in Wisconsin dellsThere were several thrilling slides at Kalahari water park.

Joe Opaleski

I love thrill rides, so I started my day at The Screaming Hyena.

The 60-foot-tall slide starts with an adrenaline-pumping drop through a clear tube that reminded me of a hurricane simulator. Riders then plunged into a rushing torrent of water below.

It quickly became my favorite attraction.

Following the exhilaration of The Screaming Hyena, my next waterslide experience awaited me on The Wild Wildebeest.

The ride accommodated two guests at a time, offering a roller-coaster-like experience of twists and turns throughout the water park. It was incredibly fast and quite long, making it an instant hit.

I liked the combination of being fully enclosed in a tube and then suddenly plunging into the light.

But there were also plenty of kid-friendly options. indoor water slides and pools at kalahari resort in wisconsin dellsMy family loved the Tanzanian Twister bowl slide.

Joe Opaleski

The water park also had special areas for children and milder slides for those who weren’t looking for a huge thrill.

The Tanzanian Twister, which looks and feels like being flushed down a giant toilet bowl, was a crowd favorite for my group.

It was comical watching fellow riders swirl around before plunging into the center hole that opened to a pool underneath. We all challenged ourselves to maneuver through the hole in the funniest ways possible, and I won for being flushed out headfirst.

There was even a family-friendly hot tub where guests could float through a hole in the wall leading to the park’s outdoor section.

The chilly Wisconsin weather was a breath of fresh air and a nice way to take a break from the park’s bustling atmosphere.

After getting acquainted with the slides, I set my course for the swim-up bar.swim up thirsty turtle bar in kalahari resort in wisconsin dellsThe bar is actually in a pool at the water park.

Joe Opaleski

After trying out most of the big slides, I sought refuge at the Thirsty Turtle, a swim-up bar offering a selection of tropical drinks.

I eyed the fun cocktails in signature cups, but I ended up ordering an $8 White Claw.

I brought food, but the water park had a few options for stand at kalahari resort in wisconsin dellsI saw several fellow water park guests ordering pizzas at the food stand.

Joe Opaleski

The park had a food stand with a surprisingly large menu — most people I saw walk up to the counter seemed to be ordering pizzas.

Although the food was tempting, my group packed lunches to save a few bucks.

Kalahari is a great place for families and adults.interior shot of the indoor water park at kalahari resort in wisconsin dellsI loved the day at Kalahari.

Joe Opaleski

I think adults and children can both get a lot out of Kalahari. Thrilling slides and family-friendly attractions made the day fun for everyone.

Overall, I think it’s a great choice for a Midwest escape — whether you’re trying to avoid the cold winters or cool off in the summer heat.

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