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Howie Carr: The land of the freebie, for illegals

Meanwhile, the illegal-alien crime wave continues unabated.

As everyone’s been mesmerized by the twin train wrecks of Karen Read and Dementia Joe Biden, Third World thugs continue to openly terrorize law-abiding Americans.

Thank you, Democrats! How are these open borders working out for you?

Here are a couple of unnoticed local stories from the U.S. attorney’s office last week:

The first one is headlined, “Guatemalan Man Previously Convicted of Rape of a Child with Force Pleads Guilty to Unlawful Reentry.”

This savage, Wilson Hernandez-Bautista, 34, was deported in October 2013. Because the welfare benefits are non-existent in his primitive bleephole homeland, he returned to the First World to continue his posh taxpayer-funded vacation, during which he raped a child here.

The Guatemalan rapist pleaded guilty last week in federal court to illegal reentry. I’m sure he’ll be deported – wink wink nudge nudge.

Next: “Dominican Man Previously Convicted of Drug-Related Offenses Pleads Guilty to Unlawful Reentry.”

This gangbanger is named Julio Pimentel-German. He was deported in June 2021 –surely some mistake, considering that the newly-selected Democrat president was urging every violent criminal in the Third World to crash into the United States.

Whatever, the Dominican was soon back here in civilization, doing exactly what you would expect his ilk to be doing – selling fentanyl and illegally possessing a firearm, much like the president’s son Hunter.

The Dominican is now a convicted drug dealer, and he too pleaded guilty in federal court last week to these pro forma charges of illegal reentry.

Unfortunately, these charges are just routine judicial house-keeping, going through the motions. These foreign fiends may be briefly incarcerated on the state level, then (perhaps) deported, after which they’ll just sneak back into the country.

Because… it beats working for a living.

Rarely do crimes by illegals make the news anymore. They’re here, they’re criminals, and the illegals know that no matter how heinous their crimes, there will most likely be no consequences because… Democrats.

There was a story this week in the Wall Street Journal about increasing lawlessness in the Gaza Strip. It described the “overall breakdown of law and order” because “locking up criminals isn’t an option.”

Sounds like Massachusetts, doesn’t it?

In Middlesex County, an illegal alien welfare-collecting Haitian wasn’t arrested after being accused of raping an underage female at one of the local state-funded flophouses.

Instead, a Lyft was called for him, at taxpayer expense, and the accused rapist was chauffeured in style to a different flophouse in a different county where he can continue his lifelong vacation at taxpayer expense.

What could possibly go wrong?

Another illegal-alien Haitian was accused of rape at a Plymouth County foreign flophouse. The Republican district attorney wanted bail set at $25,000.

A bleeding-heart judge just cut it to $500, even though the state knows absolutely nothing about this guy, he has no ties to the community and, needless to say, no job.

Cape Cod is gripped by an epidemic of illegal-alien crime. Last week an illegal woman from Brazil was charged with stabbing her boyfriend to death. How did we all know instantly that she was an illegal?

Very simple. The initial headlines in state-run media described her as a “Centerville woman.” Observant readers know that anyone identified as, say, “Lawrence man,” is invariably not from Lawrence, or anywhere else in the US.

And thus it was that “Centerville woman” Juscelene Guedes turned out to be illegal, and no doubt the beneficiary of multiple forms of Americano welfare. And once he shanked her busboy boyfriend, she started grabbing three more types of handouts:

A public defender.

A translator, because they never bother to learn English anymore.

A private investigator.

You should read these court filings sometimes, because you’re paying for this violent invasion. They’re wrecking the country and expect you to foot all the bills for the destruction of your own society.

“The defendant,” her public defender said, “states that she has been found indigent by the Court, and is thus unable to pay the fee required to retain an investigator.”

Oddly, however, she was somehow able to scrap together enough money to buy a shiv to shank her boy toy with.

This crime wave isn’t restricted to Massachusetts, as you know. An illegal alien from Mexico killed a Maine woman last month on the Maine Turnpike. Naturally he was identified as “Brighton man.”

You know about the Maryland mother of five murdered by a El Salvadoran murderer waved into the country by Biden. And the 12-year-old in Houston raped and murdered by Venezuelans who, ditto.

In Texas two people were killed last week at a Chick-Fil-A by one Oved Bernardo Mendoza Argueta. An “Irving man” with an ICE detainer on him and a record as long as his arm, or should I say “brazo” in his native tongue.

In Syracuse, an Ecuadorean savage suffocated a 21-year-old woman last month on her birthday. He had a Spanish interpreter at his arraignment where he claimed he was too drunk to remember killing the young woman. Maybe he “lacked the enzyme” to metabolize alcohol, as a different Ecuadorean illegal said after running over young Matthew Denice in Milford in 2011.

Then there was the rape of a 15-year-old girl in Albany in May by a Mideast terrorist. The cops didn’t even release any news about the foreign savage on the loose until the news media got wind of it and, incredibly, decided to report news that went against The Party’s narrative.

The name of this adherent of the Religion of Peace is Sakir Akkan, age 21. Last November, Akkan took Joe Biden up on his generous invitation to come to the Great Satan and embark on a career of raping underage western women while living on the dole.

Much to the chagrin of his fellow Democrats, Akkan was finally collared. Only local Republicans complained, saying that The Party was showing “a shocking lack of concern for New Yorkers’ safety.”

Seriously, was anyone in Albany really “shocked?” It only would have been shocking if the Democrats had cared in the slightest.

At the terrorist’s arraignment, the New York Post said he sported a fashionable coiffure – “a pompadour-style hairdo with buzzed sides.”

Infidels, you paid for it! You know what else you paid for? Like Juscelene Guedes, the illegal appeared in court wearing earphones. That’s right, Joe Biden’s savage foreign friend had his own interpreter.

A Turkish interpreter. Celebrate diversity!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

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