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Howie Carr: Healey’s brazen hack full-court powerplay

Gov. Maura Healey nominating her dumped ex-gal pal for the SJC may be the most brazen hack appointment ever!

A nationwide search’s nationwide search!

“Hold It” Healy turns 53 tomorrow. Her ex live-in heartthrob, Gabrielle Wolohojian, is 63.

Hold It Healey dumped Gabe for a 20-year-younger woman, Joanna Lydgate, age 43, who worked under Healey when she was the AG.

Like corrupt Fulton County DA Fani Willis with her boy toy, Healey claims she didn’t start seeing a lot of Joanna until the formerly married (to a guy) mom of 2 was no longer on her payroll.

Wolo owned the love nest in Charlestown that the two long shared, later sold it for $2.3 million after she was dumped by Maura for the younger woman.

It was a very acrimonious parting of the ways. Things happened…. trips to City Hall, private detectives (you’ve read about that here), etc.

After breaking up, Maura moved in rapid succession from the South End to Cambridge to Arlington, home of the new younger girlfriend and her two kids by the cuckolded husband who’s never been publicly named.

Wolo’s current salary on the appeals court is $213,924 a year. Her new salary will be $226,187.

She replaces David Lowy, another hack’s hack who’s married to Ginny Buckingham, who was running Logan Airport when the terrorists used it as their launching pad on 9/11. The SJC was the Lowys’ reward for a job well done!

Lowy, age 64, now moves to an even sweeter spot in the hackerama — general counsel of the University of Massachusetts.

That hack job is currently held by Gerry Leone, hack former Democrat district attorney of Middlesex County, now making $394,447 a year. He was hired by hack former Democrat Congressman Marty Meehan, who made $802,450 last year.

So now Gerry, who seems to have been a bust out in private practice after leaving the DA’s job, has rolled up a giant state pension (80% of his three highest years). So now the mega-pension-generating no-heavy-lifting sinecure can be passed along to new hack Lowy, opening the slot on the SJC for scorned woman Wolo.

To repeat, Lowy’s salary until he “retired” was $226,187. Now he’ll be making Leone-type money no doubt, closer to $400 large.

The way these hacks lick the plate, they make the crooked state troopers look like monks who’ve taken a vow of poverty!

Setting up vacancies by moving hacks around reminds me of the youngest Bulger brother, Jackie, now a convicted felon. More than 40 years ago, Jackie, a former fishmonger in Roslindale Square, was desperate for a court clerkship.

But there was a hack already there. So they promoted the clerk (a truly loathsome hack who later ran into trouble on the bench) to a judgeship. That opened up the clerkship for Whitey and Billy’s brother.

Healey nominates ex-romantic-partner Gabrielle Wolohojian to serve on Supreme Judicial Court

There have been other judgeships and/or judicial appointments of, uh, loved ones, but this is the greediest play ever.

I just pray that Wolo will now be able to get over her, uh, broken heart.

Happy Birthday, Hold It Healey!