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They made fatal decisions and shredded evidence. Now those behind the contaminated blood scandal must face justice | Sarah Boseley

Ordinary people were wronged, their lives ruined and so many cut short. After today’s devastating report, a reckoning is long overdue

It was one of the worst medical disasters of our time. Some 30,000 people who needed the help of the NHS to stay alive and well were given treatment that wrecked their health, took the lives of nearly 3,000 and will be responsible for more deaths to come. Finally, today, half a century on, the six-year Langstaff inquiry has produced a judgment on the infected blood scandal – and it is devastating.

The list of errors and misjudgments is extraordinary and it is clear that arrogance from the medical profession played a big part, as well as greed from the pharmaceutical companies and back-covering from the politicians. So many heads should roll, but many of the most culpable individuals are dead.

Sarah Boseley is the former health editor of the Guardian

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