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Families of Uvalde shooting victims sue FedEx, UPS

(NewsNation) — The families of Uvalde victims are suing UPS and FedEx, alleging the companies violated the law when shipping the gun and bump stocks used in the 2022 shooting at Robb Elementary School that killed 19 students and two teachers.

Families point to two issues in the lawsuit: one is that the shipments were being made before the shooter was 18 years old, and the other is that the shipments eventually made their way to his home, which is within 1,000 feet of a school zone. The lawsuit points out that both of these actions violate federal law, which the families say UPS and FedEx should have checked.

According to the litigation, FedEx shipped the AR-15 used in the shooting to a nearby store for pickup, allegedly without getting a sworn statement from the shooter verifying he was of age. In addition, the lawsuit said, FedEx did not wait the federally required seven days upon receipt to ship the firearm.

In a statement to NewsNation, FedEx said its thoughts continue to be with the Uvalde community.

“FedEx is committed to the lawful, secure, and safe movement of regulated items through our network, and we comply with applicable laws and regulations,” the statement said. “While we are aware of this filing, we have not yet been served which would allow us the opportunity to fully review it.”

UPS said the lawsuit has “no merit.”

“Our hearts go out to the Uvalde victims and their families,” UPS said. “Shipping firearms and components is highly regulated; UPS complies, and requires its customers to comply, with all applicable federal laws.”

Fallout from shooting

Families are also suing other companies that they say had a role in influencing the shooter, including the gun manufacturer; Meta, Facebook’s and Instagram’s parent company; and the maker of the video game Call of Duty. In addition, some families have also filed a $500 million lawsuit against Texas state police officials and officers who were part of the law enforcement response on the day of the shooting. NewsNation local affiliate KXAN reports that families are seeking accountability for the failures of communication, leadership and urgency that they say cost some of their children their lives.

A Department of Justice review released earlier this year found that there was a 77-minute gap between when officers first arrived on the scene and when they confronted and ultimately killed the subject. Local police ignored accepted practices by failing to confront the gunman, the review said.

“The victims and survivors of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School deserved better,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement. “The law enforcement response at Robb Elementary on May 24th, 2022 — and the response by officials in the hours and days after — was a failure. As a consequence of failed leadership, training, and policies, 33 students and three of their teachers — many of whom had been shot — were trapped in a room with an active shooter for over an hour as law enforcement officials remained outside.

Last month, the city of Uvalde agreed to a $2 million settlement. Josh Koskoff, an attorney for the families, said the settlement involved the families of 17 of the children who were killed and two children who survived.

Reuters contributed to this story.