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Department of State includes Otar Partskhaladze in sanctions list – 1TV

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Department of State includes Otar Partskhaladze in sanctions list

The Department of State on Thursday said it was designating individuals and entities to impose further costs in response to Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine. The Department has designated a Georgian-Russian oligarch and a Russian Intelligence Services officer to further address the Russian Federation’s malign influence abroad.

According to the Department’s statement, Otar Partskhaladze, a Georgian-Russian oligarch, is being designated pursuant to section 1(a)(i) for operating or having operated in the management consulting sector of the Russian Federation economy.

“The Department of State is designating 37 entities involved in expanding Russia’s energy production and future export capacity and identifying two related vessels as blocked property.  These designations include entities and individuals involved in the development of key energy projects and associated infrastructure, including Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 liquified natural gas project, as well as entities involved in the procurement of materials and advanced technology for future energy projects for which Russia has historically relied on foreign service companies’ expertise and technology,” reads the statement.