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 Gabrielian – Henry case as the propaganda ploy: It clearly conveys the pro-Ukrainian and pro-Azerbaijani messages and sentiments on one hand, and the anti-Russian and anti-Armenian ones on another. This points to the original authors of this soap-operatic, trans-phobic drama. How witting or unwitting were their FBI partners? That’s the question. INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!August 29, 2023
Anna Gabrielian and Jamie Lee Henry Story: FBI entrapment and the Counterintelligence issuesAugust 27, 2023
Reading Putin’s mind: “It is your own Cook’s Corner, and your own FBI bikers gang who stole the election 2016 from Hillary and handed it to #Trump, for just $1.3M (A lot of bang for the buck, you can’t beat it!): Kallstrom, McGonigal, and other #FBI heroes. My cook is out now, and he was not good anyway; more gas than substance, the true “Crossfire Hurricane” actor. Trump will not drag me to prison with him! I never really believed that it will work out. I just wanted to try! I plead innocent!”August 24, 2023
#MyOpinion #FBI: This is the clue: #JimKallstrom saw himself as the #FBIDirector. And he saw the #TrumpPresidency as the step to it.August 22, 2023
Michael Novakhov: My Opinion: The WeinerGate should be a part of the RICO charges against Trump and his circle. This story behind the October Surprise 2016 appears to be the central and direct part of the Trumpian criminal conspiracy.August 21, 2023
My Opinion: The WeinerGate should be a part of the RICO charges against Trump and his circle. This story behind the October Surprise 2016 appears to be the central and direct factor of the Trumpian criminal conspiracy. #WeinerGate should be considered as the Federal or NYState #RICO charges against #Trump, and they should be included in SC Jack Smith’s mandate and the focus of attention. The FBI itself(!), namely and still hypothetically at this point, McGonigal, late Kallstrom, his very interesting organization of the retired #FBI agents, and the related persons and entities should be very carefully investigated. This is HISTORY, and on the higher scale than the Watergate: “the evidence that a deliberate plot was behind the exposure of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer — an act that may have put Donald Trump in the White House.” Exclusive: How Trump Backers Weaponized Anthony Weiner to Defeat Clinton 20, 2023
Is Charles McGonigal’s guilty plea a cover-up for the October Surprise 2016?August 9, 2023
My Opinion: Charles McGonigal will plead guilty to corruption charges: illegally working for Russian oligarch Deripaska. Was it done to avoid the investigation of the October Surprise 2016 and the questioning about it in a public trial? His guilty plea will only fan the interest in this subject further: What were the McGonigal’s and Kallstrom’s roles in the Election 2016 and the October Surprise 2016? Is this a cover-up? Should the Independent Counsel be appointed to investigate the October Surprise 2016?August 9, 2023
“FBI: “Riva did it! Cleopatra did it! It was their Gamble and their Landmark Phony-Maloney-Baloney! Putin did it! We are innocent” M.N.: “Until proven guilty”. | FBI Ordered to Find Out Which Agency Disobeyed White House in Secret Deal, Finds Out It Was Itself …”August 3, 2023
FBI – #FBI: My Opinion: Investigate the US internet hosting companies, fully or partially Foreign Owned (often Chinese owned), their roles in the cybercrimes, and their attempts to control the FREE SPEECH in this country by creating and sharing the “black lists” of the “undesirable” for them BLOGGERS! This is a very serious issue!August 2, 2023
The blind and disoriented FBI is the major security threat to America! FBI and online gaming – Google Search April 16, 2023July 31, 2023
My Opinion: Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY is plagued with mental health and drug addiction problems due to the social isolation, oppression, and indoctrination. Orthodox Judaism as the creation of Abwehr; Orthodox Jews and money laundering for the New Abwehr and Russian mob: “Orthodox Judaism” as a sect was created by the German Military Intelligence for the money laundering and espionage purposes after WW1 …July 27, 2023
My Opinion: The FBI “ruins people’s lives” routinely, as the result of their predatory vicious stupidity and as the matter of their policies and institutional culture …July 25, 2023
The Sick Society: Destroy and dismantle the FBI as the trade, as the occupation, as the social class, and as the hereditary caste that they became. The FBI is the direct and imminent threat to America! INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!!!May 22, 2023
The Psychoanalysis of Intelligence Operations and the Psychohistory of Abwehr: The case of Anthony Weiner, the October Surprise 2016, and the Diagnostic Signs of the New Abwehr Political Intelligence OperationsMay 20, 2023
My Opinion: Adolf Eichmann was a Jew, and the New Abwehr’s ScapegoatMay 20, 2023
My #Opinion: On the Counterintelligence Investigations of Donald Trump and his circles | Why the Durham Report Matters to Democracy – WSJ Opinion | After Years of Political Hype, the Durham Inquiry Failed to Deliver – NYTimesMay 17, 2023
#FBI, My Opinion – #Opinion: Obama’s FBI: Obama was his own FBI Chief, he controlled its leadership tightly. Is it because he inherently did not trust the system in general, and the FBI in particular? Something went wrong. Analyze this, in depth.May 17, 2023
#FBI FBI: Was the exam performed for the signs of emails been PLANTED? What are the results? Let the best INDEPENDENT (not affiliated with the FBI) forensic cyber specialists examine it again. Forensic analysis of Abedin Weiner laptopMay 16, 2023
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Wagner Boss’s Plane Was Deliberately Downed, US Officials Believe

U.S. officials told media outlets on Thursday that they believe the plane presumed to be carrying mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin was deliberately taken down, though there was some disagreement as to how exactly the plane was destroyed.

Russian air authorities have said Prigozhin, his right-hand man Dmitry Utkin, and eight other people were on the private plane that crashed with no survivors north of Moscow on Wednesday.

Two U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Reuters that it was likely a surface-to-air missile originating from inside Russia shot down the plane.

The officials stressed that the information was still preliminary and under review, and did not rule out a change to the assessment.

The Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported a different theory: Officials told the outlet a bomb aboard the aircraft or some other sabotage caused the crash.

The New York Times reported a similar assessment from U.S. and Western officials, who said the leading theory is that an explosion on board the plane took it down. They said the explosion could have been caused by a bomb planted on the plane or by adulterated fuel.

It is not uncommon for there to be competing, even contradictory, intelligence views in the U.S. government in the hours and days after major international events.

A third U.S. official told Reuters that there were a number of theories and no definitive conclusion had been reached.

The crash came two months to the day after Prigozhin and his Wagner mercenaries staged a mutiny in which they took control of a southern city and advanced toward Moscow, shooting down a number of Russian Air Force planes and killing their pilots.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he was not surprised by reports that Prigozhin had died in a plane crash, adding that not much happens in Russia that President Vladimir Putin was not behind.

Putin on Thursday said he wished to express sincere condolences to the families of those who died in the crash and said it was necessary to await the outcome of the official investigation. Prigozhin, 62, head of the Wagner mercenary group, frequently criticized the Russian army top brass over what he said was its incompetent execution of the war in Ukraine.

The Embraer executive jet model that crashed in Russia had only recorded one accident in more than 20 years of service, and that was not related to mechanical failure.

While portraying it as a purely private commercial operation, the Kremlin has used Wagner to expand Russian influence on the continent in competition with Western powers such as France and the United States.

Prigozhin and a Russian company he controlled were indicted in 2018 and accused of funding a propaganda operation to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election to sway it in favor of Republican candidate Donald Trump and to disparage rival Hillary Clinton.

(Reporting by Phil Stewart and Idrees AliEditing by Alistair Bell)

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