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Casper Dream Mattress review: A good cooling bed for back and stomach sleepers

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The Casper Dream Mattress is displayed in a bedroom and with a person lying face down.The medium-firm feel and cooling abilities make the Casper Dream the best cooling mattress for stomach and back sleepers.

Casper; Erin Brains

Casper is one of the original and best mattress brands in the online retail space. I’ve tested 10 of its beds over the years and have written various Casper mattress reviews. The discontinued Nova Hybrid was among my favorites. When the brand completely revamped its mattress lineup in February, I was sad to see the Nova Hybrid go but excited to try its newest innovations, namely the Casper Dream mattress.

The Casper Dream is the brand’s most affordable hybrid, promising a medium feel to appeal to most sleepers. It replaces the Original Hybrid. While I found it too firm for side sleeping, the zoned support is sure to please back, and stomach sleepers and its outstanding cooling will keep hot sleepers comfy. Below are more details about my experience sleeping on the Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress for 14 nights.


A graphic shows the different layers of the Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress.The Casper Dream is a hybrid featuring zoned support foam and individually wrapped pocket springs.


The OEKO-TEX-certified cover of the Casper Dream is a knit blend of polyester, spandex, and polyethylene, designed for breathability and a soft feel. The top layer is made of responsive polyurethane foam. Below that is zoned memory foam. I love zoned support mattresses because they balance comforting support with pressure relief where you need it most. The base layer combines individually wrapped pocket springs encased in high-density polyurethane foam around the periphery for edge support. The springs tend to offer added durability and airflow to the bed. All the foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

Casper also offers the Dream Max, which costs about $900 more than the Dream and features an additional polyurethane foam layer with contouring zoned support with a medium-soft feel. The Max is also two inches thicker, 14 inches versus the Dream’s 12 inches. Casper has a Snow line with a similar construction with graphite “heat delete” bands and phase change material for extra cooling abilities.

Our review of the Casper Dream

The Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress is displayed in a bedroom.I unboxed the Casper Dream in five minutes.

James Brains/Business Insider


The Casper Dream Hybrid’s setup was similar to the other mattresses in a box I’ve tested. The bed arrived in a box the size of a mini-fridge. I carried it to my bedroom, cut open the box, and emptied the vacuum-sealed, plastic-wrapped bed onto my bed frame. Then, I expertly tore away the plastic layers with my bare hands. The process took five minutes, but I’ve done dozens of these. I recommend getting a friend’s help and using an envelope slitter tool to remove the plastic, which works great for ensuring you don’t accidentally cut the mattress.

The Casper Dream had a strong “new bed smell” out of the packaging, but it dissipated and fully expanded by bedtime. 

Casper offers in-home setup services for $199. With this service, you choose when your mattress is delivered, and professionals unbox it and set it up in the room of your choice. They take the packaging materials and can remove your old mattress.


A person lies on the Casper Dream Mattress with an graphic overlay demonstrating spinal alignment.This graphic from the Mattress Checker app shows how the Casper Dream didn’t keep my spine aligned well when I was on my side.

Mattress Checker app; James Brains/Business Insider

I’m a bigger fella who prefers to sleep on his side on a softer mattress, so keep that in mind when I tell you I just wasn’t comfortable on the Casper Dream. I didn’t sink in much, and it was firmer than average, which makes it a better option for back and stomach sleepers. 

During the two weeks I slept on the Dream, I didn’t experience any soreness when I awoke in the morning, and my sleep quality, as measured by my Garmin smartwatch, was about average. Yet, subjectively, I didn’t feel like I was getting good pressure relief. According to the Mattress Checker app, my spine was a little out-of-whack on the Dream. Sleeping on my side, I was about 7.6 degrees from the ideal neutral spine, which is 6 degrees or less.

So, the Casper Dream Hybrid may not be ideal for side sleepers. With its firmer-than-average feel, it’s more geared toward back and stomach sleepers.

Heat dissipation

A person uses an infrared thermometer to take the temperature of the Casper Dream Mattress.Using an infrared thermometer, I found the Casper Dream stayed incredibly cool.

Erin Brains

I test how cool a mattress stays by measuring its surface temperature with an infrared thermometer before I lay down and first thing in the morning. Two minutes after I get up, I take another temperature reading to gauge how well it dissipates heat. 

The Casper Dream was among the coolest mattresses I’ve tested. On average, it was 87.8 degrees Fahrenheit when I got up from it, nearly two degrees cooler than the average of all mattresses I’ve tested. The temperature dropped more than 12 degrees after I got up from it, which is marginally better than average. This is an excellent bed for hot sleepers.

Edge support

A person sits on the edge of the Casper Dream Mattress with a yardstick to measure its sink.The edge sank slightly more than the average mattress.

Erin Brains

Edge support is nice to have so that you feel supported as you sit and lie on the side of the bed. It can make getting into and out of bed easier and keep you comfortable when you move away from your partner encroaching on your side. Plus, it’s nice to sit on your bed to put your socks and shoes on in the moring. Edge support helps.

I test edge support using a yardstick to measure how much the edge sinks when sitting on the side. The Casper Dream sank 4 inches, slightly above the 3.5-inch average.

I also lie on the edge and slowly roll until I fall off. The mattress has good edge support if my body reaches more than a 45-degree angle to the bed before I fall. With the Dream, I was right at 45 degrees when I fell. 

Motion isolation

The author drops a bowling ball into the Casper Dream Hybrid mattress.The Casper Dream passed our bowling ball test with flying colors.

Erin Brains

When your sleeping partner moves around at night, you don’t want it to wake you. This is where good motion isolation comes in handy. I test this by dropping a bowling ball 4 feet above the mattress so it lands 12 inches from a soda can. If the can stays upright, the bed has excellent motion isolation. If it falls, the motion isolation could use some improvement. I ran this test several times with the Casper Dream, and the can fell over about half the time, suggesting it has better than average motion isolation.

I also used a vibrometer placed on the other side of the mattress to measure the vibration intensity as I dropped the bowling ball. The Dream registered 6.8 on the MMI scale. You don’t need to know what MMI is, just know that the Dream did better than the average of 7.1 in my tests.

Overall, the Casper Dream has great motion isolation. Combined with the subpar, but not awful, edge support, it’s a decent option for couples.

Trial period and warranty

Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial with all of its mattresses. After sleeping on the mattress for at least 30 nights, if you’re unhappy with it, Casper will arrange to pick it up and give you a full refund. Some brands have loopholes in their return policy, like deducting return shipping or restocking fees from your refund. This is not the case with Casper: You get a full refund. They also do their best to donate the returned mattress.

If you decide to keep the mattress, it’s backed by a 10-year warranty. Similarly, Casper’s limited mattress warranty is free of loopholes. It will even cover the shipping costs if you need to return the bed to be repaired or replaced. As with other manufacturers, Casper doesn’t cover any deterioration or damage to a mattress caused by misuse or a poor foundation.

Cons to consider

My biggest con was that I wasn’t comfortable on the Casper Dream Hybrid. It was a little too firm. I still slept OK and was slightly more comfortable on my back and stomach. Side sleepers may want to look elsewhere through.

The Casper Dream’s edge support is worse than average. This is likely due to its reliance on a foam border rather than the narrow coils used in mattresses with superior edge support. Couples sharing a bed may want to opt for a larger mattress.

What are your alternatives?

close up of the leesa sapira mattress cornerThe Leesa Sapira Hybrid is the top pick in our best mattresses guide.

Jaclyn Turner/Business Insider

According to Casper, the Dream Max has a softer feel than the Dream and more zoned support to help with spinal alignment. This may make it a better option for side sleepers. Yet, it costs about $900 more. While I haven’t tested it, the Dream Max has the same foam around the edges as the Dream, so I’m guessing the edge support is also the same.

The Casper Snow line has a similar construction to the Dream line, only the Snow and Snow Max feature phase change material and “heat delete” bands to help keep you cool. They’re about $400 more than their Dream counterparts. I tested the Snow, which stayed marginally cooler than the Dream but didn’t dissipate heat as quickly. Another key difference was the Snow as softer and better suited for side sleeping.

Casper’s all-foam budget option is the One, which Casper rates as its firmest bed. It lacks the zoned support of the brand’s other mattresses but is about $435 less than the Dream.

All that said, I recommend buying the Leesa Sapira Hybrid, the top pick in our best mattresses guide. Its average firmness is ideal for all sleep positions, the edge support and motion isolation are great, and it dissipates heat well. Plus, it’s only about $100 more than the Dream. Read our full Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress review.

For more recommendations, check out our best mattress guide.

The bottom line

A person lies face down on the Casper Dream Mattress.While it may be too firm for side sleepers, the Casper Dream is an excellent option for hot sleeping stomach and back sleepers.

Erin Brains

The $1,300 Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress is excellent for back and stomach sleepers who tend to overheat. The breathable materials keep it cool, and the medium-firm feel offers optimal support. Couples will appreciate the motion isolation, though side sleepers may find it too firm. With the loophole-free 100-night sleep trial, you have nothing to lose. If this sounds like the mattress for you, give it a try.

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