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Italian-style Gramercy ice cream shop Caffè Panna to open second location in Greenpoint

Beloved Gramercy ice cream shop Caffè Panna is opening a second location this week in Greenpoint.

The Italian-inspired sweet shop will be serving its newly perfected granita, the seven classic Caffè Panna scoops and five new flavors set to change daily.

Classic flavors range from vanilla to chocolate, and to “Red Flag” — a combination of sweet cream, strawberry swirl, and Caffè Panna’s homemade graham crunch.

Caffè Panna is opening on July 11 at 16 Norman Ave. in Greenpoint.Photo by Liz Clayman

Caffè Panna first opened in Manhattan in 2019. The brainchild of lifelong ice cream lover Hallie Meyer, the scoop shop draws inspiration — and its name — from Italian culture, and Meyer’s experiences working and traveling in Rome. (“Panna” in Italian translates to “cream.”)

Since opening, customers say Caffè Panna’s ice cream is the cream of the crop. “Their ice cream is easily of the best they’ve ever had,” one Google review reads. “It is 100% a must-try if you are in the city.” 

Caffè Panna is the brainchild of lifelong ice cream lover Hallie Meyer.Photo by Liz Clayman

Patrons of the new Brooklyn location can expect so see some exciting flavors this summer, such as “Coconut Sicilian Almond,” “Passionfruit Stracciatella, “Strawberry Buttermilk” and “Lemon Bar of the Year.”

Keeping with tradition, orders will be placed and picked up at the window, with both indoor and outdoor seating available.

Caffè Panna is opening this week in Greenpoint, just in time for National Ice Cream Month.Photo by Liz Clayman

And for those hoping to experience the delights of Caffè Panna from the comfort of their home, pint delivery will soon be available in both Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Caffè Panna will open at 16 Norman Ave. on Thursday, July 11, during National Ice Cream Month.