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This is just embarrassing for Megyn Kelly


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Words matter. Humility matters. When words are used as punching bags, they cheapen our discourse. It drags us down, having to listen to vicious tongue lashings by people who do not know what they’re talking about.

Since President Biden’s debate, the media has not stopped trying to damage his campaign. I sometimes wonder if they dream of the President at night, along with dreaming about new articles they can use to try to knock Biden down a peg or two, to bully him, to pretend they know what’s best for this country.

But now, all of this has taken a curious turn. Now, many people are mad at JILL BIDEN. Why, you ask? Because the bully in the schoolyard (the media) has decided to blame it all on the lovely prom queen (Doctor Biden) by saying SHE is the one who won’t let Biden quit the race.

And then the schoolyard followers nod silently, not even questioning — and turn on the prom queen. It’s been — it’s been real bad, friends and readers. But if I had to name one person, one “journalist” who is leading the crazy, I’d say that person is Megyn Kelly.

It seems like forever since I’ve written her name. Kelly is a has been. She was repudiated by the masses and forced to flee from television to produce a crummy little podcast. She has also gone full-on MAGA.

Kelly has become the poster girl for bullying. Megyn Markle? Kelly bullies her. Joy Reed? Kelly bullies her. There are few women Kelly seems to like. I’m guessing her Rabid jealousy is the reason why.

Understand that envy can do VERY toxic things to one’s bloodstream. In Kelly’s case, envy has seemed to turn her bloodstream into fire and ice.

“NO ONE ELECTED YOU!!” Kelly went insane, accusing Jill Biden of being the REAL President and running a shadow presidency. What in hell does that even mean? Jill Biden is one of the good ones. She’s a teacher, a wife, a mother, and a kind woman, sweet honey to Kelly’s cockroach-like machinations.

Kelly, who does not have a psychology degree, insisted this was all Jill Biden’s fault, that the first lady is “obsessed with the affirmations of strangers.” Kelly also accused Jill of using her PhD for political power.

I have mentioned before that I find it particularly sad when women turn on women. Usually, the women who do this kind of thing are bitter harpies, people abandoned and dried up, filled with bitterness, and dumpsters filled with the garbage of their discontent and rage.

. . .

If you do have a Twitter account — please push back against Kelly and people like her who say and do these things. Tweet out messages of encouragement to Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and others. Let them know you want him to stay in the race and that you’re proud — so happy to have Joe Biden as President.

Palmer Report is moving to a reader-supported format with a significantly reduced number of ads. Donate here!

Palmer Report is moving to a reader-supported format with a significantly reduced number of ads. Donate here!

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