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Finally, they’re saying the word “dementia” out loud

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As a statement of fact, Donald Trump keeps routinely displaying symptoms during his public appearances that are consistent with dementia. It’s up to a medical professional to confirm whether the dementia symptoms really are dementia, or something with very similar symptoms to dementia. But either way, Trump’s behavior is consistent with dementia.

The problem is that no one in the media wants to say it. Even when the media does cover Trump’s worsening cognitive decline, it tends to be framed merely as unhinged behavior. Sometimes when Trump has a particularly embarrassing cognitive incident, the media says that he got confused, as if he merely forgot where he put his car keys.

Fortunately, someone in the mainstream media is finally using the d-word while talking about Donald Trump. Eugene Robinson has a new column in the Washington Post titled “Is Donald Trump okay?” Robinson lays out Trump’s increasingly cognitively challenged behavior, then points out that if Biden were behaving like this, there would be front page stories questioning whether he was “suffering from dementia.”

. . .

And so there it is. The Washington Post has finally used the word “dementia” in relation to Donald Trump’s behavior, even if it is being used in a roundabout way. Of course the Post is disclaiming Robinson’s article as being mere “opinion” because these days the more obvious a fact is, the more it has to be disclaimed. But in any case, at least we’re finally getting to the d-word.

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