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Donald Trump’s Jim Jones moment


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Unveiling the warning Signs: Are You in a Cult? Signs that you are:

The cult dictates your personal choices.

Presents the outside world as evil and the cult as good.

Dissent is not encouraged.

Fear tactics.

Leaders are engaging in manipulative mind-control tactics.

Ordered to cut ties with friends and family members

Members become increasingly isolated.

A cult leader is a pathological narcissist.

All of these twisted behavioral patterns were taken from various sites that explain cult behavior. Read over that list and think of MAGA. Think of MAGA because MAGA is in a cult. Maga is Donald Trump’s best last hope of being eternally worshiped. However, the numbers are shrinking, as we see, whenever the senile convicted felon attempts to hold a rally. There we see empty chairs, empty spaces, and empty lives.

What we saw at his Las Vegas rally was Donald Trump escalating. Escalating means becoming more intense: the situation is quickly escalating. Donald Trump’s mentally unbalanced brain is quickly escalating into nothingness. While doing this “THING,” some may call a rally, Trump uttered what just might be his most deranged, mentally unwell comment.

While flapping his jaws, Trump declared that “it would be suicide before Biden, right?” Bill Palmer told you about this when it happened. I am continuing this discussion because this may be the most significant comment Trump has made in a long time, and I’d like to explain why.

Trump is sick, my friends. It isn’t a sickness, you can see. You can’t touch it. You can’t smell it. But it exists, a red-hot, seething pit, a pile of hot red coals smoldering, looking for anything that will soothe the unending needs of the snakepit that passes for his ego.

This kind of talk is alarming. It is “Jim Jones” type of talk. Have you any doubt that Trump would adore it were any of his base to commit suicide? This is a tricky subject, and I almost didn’t write about it. Suicide is not to be taken lightly.

Who can forget Jim Jones and the mass murder of 900 people in Jonestown? Many would likely feel uncomfortable calling out Donald Trump in this way. We know, for example, that many in the media do. But the fact remains that this story should be the front page of EVERY paper.

“He’s escalating. Why now, one might ask. Well — because there comes a point in every cult when it hits bottom. Trump is losing his cult members in high numbers. He is a convicted felon, has three more pending trials, and right now, his life is looking — well — more than a little shitty, wouldn’t you say?

He is also senile and cognitively gone, so he has no self-control anymore. He didn’t have much in the first place, but now he has none. Trump has stepped into the danger zone. It’s sort of like physical abuse. When a woman decides to leave an abusive man, it is well known that it is the most dangerous time. She’s taken action; she’s trying to get her independence back.

. . .

For Donald Trump, his insanity has come home to roost. Remember what he said. Remember to watch closely because I doubt this will be the last time he says it.

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