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Nasty new scandal for Samuel Alito


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The timber that forms the towering tree that is extreme court Justice Samuel Alito’s life has begun to shed its leaves. It seems the Alito scandals really are unending. The latest one involves something which is expected to cause a lot of trouble for the Supreme Court Justice.

Yes, there is a new scandal, and I predict it is going to cause the woman-hating cranky justice a lot of problems. You see, the Supreme Court Historical Society was having its annual dinner, a prestigious event attended by notable figures in the legal community. Sammy too was there, as was expected.

So was a spy. Lauren Windsor is a liberal documentary filmmaker. She, too, was there — with a tape recorder. Uh-oh. Posing as a conservative, Windsor engaged the witch-obsessed Alito in conversation.

Alito appeared to believe she was a conservative because he spoke openly and candidly about his dislike for all things liberal. Alito, chattering stupidly away, said that both liberals and conservatives would have a tough time coexisting and that one side was ultimately going to win:

“One side or the other — one side or the other is going to win.”

“There are differences on fundamental issues that really can’t be compromised.”

“So it’s not like you will split the difference.”

Congratulations, Sammy, for showing us your true self in that rare moment of honesty. No witches were harmed in the making of this tape recording. Naturally, this is all folks on social media are bloody talking about. Alito. You can’t take the wicked out of the wickedness carrier, I suppose.

. . .

This is not what a Supreme Court justice should be saying. John Roberts was ALSO asked these questions, but he gave different answers and did not fall into the trap Alito did. Alito seems so eager to hear himself talk that he simply can’t help it. So now, yes, the Alito talk is back. Gosh, but he must be pissed.

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