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Here’s how difficult of a time Donald Trump’s handlers are having trying to prop him up

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As Donald Trump has slipped further into unhinged senility, I’ve talked a lot about how his handlers seem to be trying to keep him under control in this or that way. Some of you have asked who these “handlers” are. It’s presumably whoever is still around him – political advisers, personal assistants, family members – and is still interested in trying to keep him on track as he veers further into dementia.

Some of you have also questioned whether such “handlers” exist. Well of course they do. Trump has always surrounded himself with his own people. And as a powerful person gradually slips away cognitively, those are the people who end up trying to cover for it. These are the people who canceled one of Trump’s rallies at the last minute and blamed the “wind” and so on. These are also the people who decide what to put into Trump’s teleprompter, and who try to convince him not to go off script on incoherent benders during his speeches.

If you want some insight into just how bad of a time Trump’s handlers are having in trying prop him up as he fades away, you need look no further than this remark yesterday from Trump himself:

Trump says his staff tells him nobody believes him

— Biden-Harris HQ (@BidenHQ) June 9, 2024


Here we have Donald Trump acknowledging that his handlers try to convince him not to go on stage and promote whacked out conspiracy theories that no one is going to believe, even as Trump is admitting that he likes to ignore them and make such claims anyway.

. . .

It all points to Trump reaching a stage of cognitive decline where not only does he ignore the advice he gets from his handlers, he then goes on stage and blabs about his conversations with his handlers. At this point Trump has zero filter. As he declines further, he’s liable to end up blurting out every secret he has.

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