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Donald Trump is blowing it with the jury


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Donald Trump is brimming with ideas on how to get his jury to like him. The problem? Donald Trump’s “ideas” are like insect repellent—harsh, foul-smelling, and killing any chance he has of walking away with a not-guilty verdict.

Trump’s latest idea seems to have been to have all his political servants in waiting flock to the courthouse to insult the judge and his daughter on courtroom steps since Trump is gagged from doing it himself.

However, a former Trump attorney says this newest “idea” is backfiring” with the jury. Tim Parlatore used to represent Donald Trump. He has voiced deep concern about Trump’s latest self-sabotaging move and worries that he will alienate the jury.

Appearing on CNN Saturday, Parlatore said that these Republican robots appearing on Trump’s behalf could have a terrible effect on the jury. “There are only 12 opinions that matter, and your’s is not one of them.” “I am concerned that by parading these (republican) figures in and out, that would have a negative impact on the jury.”

I agree. This latest Trump idea is as moronic as all of his ideas. After all, what does he think the jury will do? They will certainly hear about this, and it will not endear them to Donald Trump in the least.

Many have speculated why Trump seems to be openly sabotaging himself. Make no mistake that’s what he”s doing. But his malignant narcissism plays a huge role. To put it bluntly, Trump is a narcissist who can’t see further than his narcissism.

Ego surrounds Donald Trump. Ego swirls around him as a fortress, guarding him against everything sane and rational. It’s not just him. Many, MANY malignant narcissists do this kind of thing, take a wrecking ball to their own lives, owned by hubris, feeling they are untouchable and are always right.

Trump always had only a minuscule chance of escaping conviction. But now, his chances in that regard are minus zero. There is no way anyone sane can look at this insane orange meatloaf and like him or take anything he says seriously, including his claims of innocence.

. . .

Trump will be found guilty. Most of the reason for that will be the superb prosecution team. But a small percentage has to do with Trump himself. Trump’s rotted ego has engulfed him to a point where he cannot see the forest for the trees, where all he can see, smell, and touch are the icy tendrils of self-sabotage.

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