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This way madness lies

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This way, madness lies. Madness. It’s in motion right now in the barren and empty thing that’s supposed to be Donald Trump’s soul. Trump has decided to run TV ads attacking Fani Willis. They’re vile and nothing I’d quote here. You see why he’s doing this, don’t you? You see the wheels moving in that evil head of his, right?

Donald Trump is trying to pull a “Charles Manson.” Manson never touched a human being, never laid hands on them. He got his cult to do it for him. And I believe this is what Trump is doing. Very simply — Trump would be happy if ALL his perceived enemies – were dead.

It’s awful, it’s upsetting, but it is the truth. Only it won’t work. It won’t work because this country does not, and never will, negotiate with terrorists. And that is what our orange terrorist wants. He wants to scream, to frighten. He wants people terrified. That in itself is the very definition of terrorism.

And Trump has a particular reason to fear the Georgia indictment. Because once that comes — and if he’s found guilty — he can’t pardon himself. He would have no control. I wrote an article a while back about Trump’s narcissistic collapse. This is, in fact, worse than the collapse of a narcissist. It’s the collapse of an antisocial personality, which I suspected, along with many others at Palmer Report, was Donald Trump.

He’s an antisocial personality. This is ONLY my opinion, but he fits the profile perfectly. He’d like it, wouldn’t he, if his motley fans went and created mayhem? He’d like that, he’d caress the hate, and he’d marvel at it, all with a smile on his beastly face.

Only it won’t work. It can’t work. This is because we are America. America is freedom. America is Justice. America is so very much. America is you — and me – and the fertile American grounds, the mystique of the sparking stars above, the laughter of families who live and love and walk free.

America is a freedom fortress, with the Statue of Liberty welcoming all. America has seen a lot. America has been to hell and back, brought back by people like you, by the bold, the mighty, and the valiant.

And America does not suffer fools. If Donald Trump truly thinks he can get away with ruining America, he’s even more of a joke than we first thought. Americana is dipped in gold — the golden dust of winning — of speaking truth to power.

And America also stands for Justice, as Charles Manson, whom I spoke of early in this article, could tell you, were he is still alive and behind bars today. Donald Trump is hollowed out. He is making what he thinks is the right move. It is not that. It is an attempt to terrorize, to terrify.

The people he attempts to do this to are the very best of America. They’re firelight to Trump’s darkness; they know who and what they are dealing with, and they likely anticipated this. So fear not. Because in America, we don’t negotiate with terrorists — we imprison them.

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