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US President Joe Biden clamps down the US-Mexican border

President Joe Biden says he’s restricting asylum to help “gain control” of the U.S.-Mexico border. Mexico’s newly elected president faces a long list of challenges, including persistent cartel violence, a deeply divided country, and cash-straitened social programs. This week marks the 35th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrations in China. Veterans are in France to attend the 80th anniversary on Thursday of the D-Day landings, which will be marked with several ceremonies attended by world leaders

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Arrests, detentions in Hong Kong on anniversary of 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown

Hong Kong — Hong Kong police arrested four people and detained five others Tuesday as authorities sought to stamp out commemorations of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in mainland China.

Police were out in force patrolling Hong Kong’s Victoria Park, where an annual candlelight vigil had been held until recent years.

As police patrolled the area, including the two closest subway stations, they did not hesitate to take away people who were publicly marking the anniversary.

Police late Tuesday said they made four arrests, including a 68-year-old woman who was chanting slogans, and suspected to have committed offenses “in connection with seditious intention,” which carries a sentence of up to seven years in jail under a new domestic security law – known locally as Article 23. Videos from local media showed a woman shouting “The people will not forget.”

Three other people were arrested, including a 24-year-old man and a 69-year-old woman for allegedly attacking police officers and disorderly conduct, and a 23-year-old man on assault charges for allegedly attacking two security guards. Police told VOA the two men arrested were a Swiss and a Japanese national.

Five other people were taken in for questioning over suspicion of disrupting public peace, but have been released, police said.

Officers led away an elderly man who had held up two handwritten posters listing democracy movements in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan alongside a poem commemorating June 4. The police action came even though he folded his papers after being warned he would be arrested for “disorderly conduct,” according to a French news agency reporter who tweeted about the incident.

Police told VOA they could not immediately provide information about this case, but he was reportedly released later.

Separately, diplomats from Western countries were seen walking outside the park on Tuesday evening, followed by throngs of press, according to Hong Kong Free Press.

Ahead of the anniversary, police detained performance artist Sanmu Chen in Causeway Bay, the busy Hong Kong shopping district where the park is located.

Before officers approached him, Chen wrote the Chinese characters “8964,” which refer to the date of the crackdown, with his finger in the air. He also mimed the Chinese traditional tomb sweeping ritual of pouring wine onto the ground to mourn the dead, according to local media Hong Kong Free Press.

He was released the same night, Hong Kong police told VOA.

Local media reported several other people, including an activist who shouted, “People will not forget,” were also taken away, while people searched and questioned a woman whose phone flashlight was turned on.

In the past week, eight people were arrested for allegedly posting “seditious” messages, reports say.

For years, the vigil in Victoria Park drew thousands of participants. At its height, 500,000 people gathered in remembrance of the crackdown, making Hong Kong the only place in China where June 4 commemorations could be held. For a time, it was also the world’s largest commemorative Tiananmen Square event.

The vigils, however, disappeared after Beijing imposed its 2020 national security law on Hong Kong in response to widespread and sometimes violent 2019 protests over a later-rescinded extradition bill. The measure would have allowed authorities to send suspected financial criminals to the mainland for trial.

The 2020 law criminalizes secession, subversion, collusion with foreign forces and terrorism. While the government credits it with restoring order, critics say it has curtailed Hong Kong’s freedoms, including the right to hold events like the vigil, that last major one of which was held in 2019.

2024 law

Planners of past vigils tell VOA that authorities remain worried large-scale events could still be used as a platform for broader protest. The government appears to have confirmed those concerns with this year’s passage of Article 23, a domestic security measure that expands on the national security law, criminalizing and expanding penalties for offenses including sedition, secession and subversion.

Addressing reporters on Tuesday, Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee said “different people may use different excuses to hide their intentions.”

“It’s important we all bear that in mind, to be on guard all the time against attempts to cause trouble to Hong Kong, particularly disturbing public peace,” he said.

One-time vigil organizer Richard Tsoi, a member of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, said Article 23 makes even small commemorations riskier.

“Now with Article 23, the penalty is higher … so the risk is higher,” said Tsoi, who served eight months in prison after defying the government’s ban on holding the vigil in 2020. The group disbanded the following year.

Some people, however, are commemorating privately. One activist posted a picture online of a wooden cross, flowers and a card with the words “People Will Not Forget” positioned by what appears to be Victoria Harbor.

So far, no one has been arrested for posting images, but local media reported a former district councilor’s display of candles in his shop was removed after a visit by plainclothes police officers.

The Tiananmen Square crackdown occurred when government troops fired on student-led pro-democracy protesters on June 4, 1989. Hundreds, possibly thousands, died.

At the park, one elderly man said there was no need to commemorate June 4.

“It was a tragedy, but it’s over; just let it go. Now the mainland and Hong Kong are doing so well. I hope they don’t organize any more protests; it was terrible for Hong Kong’s economy,” said the man. He declined to reveal his name because he considers the topic sensitive. “Wherever you live, you hope it is peaceful and stable.”

Asked if he was worried about the loss of Hong Kong’s freedom of expression, he said, “Everyone’s definition of freedom is different. You think freedom is like this. I think freedom is like that…. I need stability so that the economy is good and people can make a living.”

Farther away, a young mother described fond memories of participating in vigils as a teenager.

“It was very peaceful. It was to let us remember what happened,” said April, using a pseudonym to protect her privacy.

She now feels “helpless” about what had become of her beloved Hong Kong and “confused” about the events of the 2019 protests: who was in the wrong — violent protesters or police — and whether foreign influence was involved.

“I try not to think about it,” she said. “I used to support fighting for justice, but now I think I should just shut my mouth.”

Silence and lack of commemorations could mean future generations won’t know about Tiananmen — or at least not as much, Tsoi said. Since the end of the vigils, no place, not even democratic Taiwan, has been able to replace Hong Kong’s role in commemorating the crackdown.

“If this continues, people will forget this incident, the related history and the truth, especially the new generation,” he said, adding that Hong Kong textbooks have heavily redacted accounts of that historic event, and books on the topic have been removed from libraries and most bookstore shelves.

“I think the 1989 movement and June 4th is a major incident in … China’s modern history, which still affects today. There are still many unanswered questions, such as why the government decided at the time to clear the square, and how many people died,” Tsoi said. “Such a major incident shouldn’t be forgotten; it should be examined.”

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday expressed support for anyone reflects on the events of that one day in June of 1989.

“As Beijing attempts to suppress the memory of June 4, the United States stands in solidarity with those who continue the struggle for human rights and individual freedom,” he said.

Staff at the U.S. consulate and European Union office in Hong Kong lined windowsills with candles, which were visible after dusk.

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Барбара Брыльска отмечает 83-летие: интересные факты из жизни звезды “Иронии судьбы”

Ее персонаж Надя из фильма “Ирония судьбы, или С легким паром!” сразу стал любимым для зрителей. Сама актриса признается, что этот фильм принес ей особенно много радости и любви со стороны публики.

Барбара Брыльска родилась в местечке Скотники в Польше 29 мая 1941 года, хотя в паспорте указана дата 5 июня. Это было сделано намеренно ее матерью, чтобы избежать регистрации по немецким правилам, так как их городок был занят фашистами.

В детстве она выросла в бедности послевоенного времени. Родители, несмотря на трудности, поощряли ее творческие способности, и она пошла учиться в художественный лицей. Там ее заметил директор, который убедил ее поступить в Лодзинскую высшую театральную школу.

Ее карьера началась с участия в польских фильмах, затем она снималась за рубежом, в основном в ГДР. Ее работы включают фильмы различных жанров, такие как вестерны, криминальные ленты и драмы.

В личной жизни у нее было несколько браков, но несмотря на внешнюю привлекательность мужчин, она признается, что ни с одним из них не получилось создать долгую и счастливую семью. Из ее второго брака у нее есть двое детей: дочь Барбара и сын Людвиг.

Барбара Брыльска остается одной из самых ярких и любимых актрис для российской аудитории. Ее талант, красота и уникальная манера игры продолжают восхищать зрителей на протяжении десятилетий.

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Беглов заявил, что Петербург готов к проведению ПМЭФ-2024

Подготовка к форуму прошла в штатном режиме.

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Суд выяснил, что Хантер Байден отправлял своим наркодиллерам фото кокаина

Хантер Байден через несколько дней после покупки оружия отправил сообщение о том, что курит крэк-кокаин.

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Немецкий бизнесмен пытался спрятаться от суда в посольстве ФРГ и исчез

Суд в Москве приговорил Ральфа Новака к пяти годам лишения свободы за хищение акций BelkaCar.

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Евроскептик Фарадж заявил об участии в выборах в парламент Великобритании

Настало время перемен. Избиратели понимают, что лейбористы Стармера — это просто оборотная сторона грязной монеты, на аверсе которой — консерваторы Сунака.

Британию подвели две ее основные партии, которые вступили в сговор с целью ускорения нашего упадка. Между лейбористами и тори на этих выборах нет абсолютно никаких различий.

Обе партии прочно сели на крючок пагубной привычки к массовой иммиграции. Ни у лейбористов, ни у консерваторов нет плана вывода страны из этой глубокой экономической ямы.Откровенно говоря, они не верят в такую возможность. А я верю в нашу страну, и я готов за нее бороться.

По этой причине я объявил, что следующие пять лет буду возглавлять партию Reform UK (“Реформировать Соединенное королевство”) и стану добиваться избрания в парламент от города Клактон в графстве Эссекс, который проголосовал за выход из ЕС и которому явно недостает того, что он заслуживает.

Когда я на этой неделе вел предвыборную кампанию, мне напомнили о моей ответственности перед миллионами порядочных и патриотичных британцев, которых тошнит от нашего политического истэблишмента, проводящего предательскую политику. Люди, с которыми я встречался, возмущены политикой открытых дверей для массовой иммиграции,которую проводили лейбористы, а сейчас проводят консерваторы. Только за последние два года в нашу страну въехало 2,5 миллиона мигрантов. Вот почему это выборы на тему иммиграции.

Люди разгневаны по причине постепенного развала сферы общественных услуг, начиная со здравоохранения и заканчивая жилищным строительством. В то же время, им приходится в мирное время платить рекордные налоги, хотя зарплаты практически не увеличиваются. Электорат приходит в отчаяние из-за того, что ни лейбористы, ни тори не могут выдвинуть план, а уж тем более лидера, который даст надежду на улучшение положения.

Когда люди из СМИ рассказывают мне, что голос за нашу партию — это потерянный голос, меня поначалу ошеломляет их высокомерие, а потом я напоминаю им, что хотя лейбористы уже победили на этих выборах, роль официальной оппозиции доступна для всех желающих.

Несомненно, я пошел на огромный риск, отказавшись от жизни, которой наслаждался, и решив бороться за будущее Британии, которое так ненавистно нашей упорствующей в своих заблуждениях элите. Но положение дел в стране не оставляет мне выбора. Более того, я уверен, что смогу ниспровергнуть эту потрепанную партию тори, а потом вступить в борьбу с теми, кто лишает Британию светлого будущего, отказывая ей в праве быть самоуправляемой и процветающей страной.

Ставки высоки, но у здравомыслящих политических партий, к числу которых относится и наша партия Reform UK, есть путь к наполненной содержанием власти. В референдуме 2016 года победу одержал непоколебимый рабочий класс и патриоты из Партии независимости Соединенного Королевства, которую я возглавлял. За год до этого на всеобщих выборах эта партия отняла у лейбористов больше голосов, чем консерваторы. В 2019 году я указал этим избирателям на Бориса Джонсона, что дало ему подавляющее большинство, хотя он впоследствии все испортил.

Ищущие альтернативу миллионы избирателей должны знать, что на сей раз тори не получат передышку. Мой друг Ричард Тайс (Richard Tice) уверенно поднимает позиции партии Reform UK в опросах общественного мнения. Сейчас настал момент, когда мы должны на всех парах двинуться вперед, реализовать свой потенциал и стать реальной силой в Вестминстере.

Программа нашей партии для Британии основана на уверенности в том, что предназначение власти — наилучшим образом служить людям. Если лейбористы и тори выступают за массовую иммиграцию, то мы хотим заморозить миграцию ненужных людей, остановить длительное снижение заработной платы и спасти государственные услуги Британии от бремени неограниченного спроса.

В то время как лондонский истэблишмент выступает за повышение налогов и расходов на свои любимые проекты, партия Reform UK понимает, что британские налогоплательщики лучше всех знают, как потратить свои деньги. Средства массовой информации под руководством болтающего класса унижают нашу страну и ее историю при любой возможности. А я не стану извиняться за отстаивание интересов Британии, народ которой для меня прежде всего.

Настало время перемен. Избиратели понимают, что лейбористы Стармера — это просто оборотная сторона грязной монеты, на аверсе которой — консерваторы Сунака. Электорат должен быть уверен в существовании жизнеспособной и действенной альтернативы.

Я хочу возглавить восстание против политического истэблишмента, и я прошу вас присоединиться ко мне и 4 июля проголосовать за партию Reform UK.

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«Дорога смерти» появилась в Донецке на фоне ударов украинских беспилотников

ВСУ целенаправленно атакуют мирных жителей на улице Бирюзова, которая соединяет Петровский и Кировский районы.

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Снайперы группировки «Днепр» сорвали ротацию ВСУ на ореховском направлении

Боевые задачи бойцы выполняют в составе троек: снайпер, корректировщик и прикрывающий.

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Hamas’ leaders hold Netanyahu’s political future in their hands. The outcome will remake Israel


Israel has reached a pivot point that could potentially change the course of the Gaza war — already the longest Israel has fought since 1949 — and either ruin or resuscitate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political career.

If Hamas accepts the plan, Netanyahu’s government may collapse. Some of the extremist parties on whose support it depends have warned that they will bolt, although others, like the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, have signaled support for the plan. Concluding the war with Hamas still in power would be an excruciating comedown for a government that promised “total victory.” But the end of a frustrating war, potentially accompanied by a new peace with Saudi Arabia, might leave Netanyahu once more competitive in new elections. 

So all eyes are on Hamas. 

If Hamas rejects Biden’s plan, preferring to fight on and hold on to the hostages for longer, Netanyahu will keep his extremist allies. The centrist party of Benny Gantz, which joined the government right after the Oct. 7 massacre, will probably still bolt; they are frustrated with the overall strategy of a prolonged war with no diplomatic goals. But even without them, Netanyahu would keep his core coalition of 64 out of 120, which has proven resilient during its tumultuous year and a half in power. 

Such a move by Hamas would be a gift to Netanyahu, who would likely then to present himself internationally — particularly in his planned, although still unscheduled, speech to a joint session of Congress — as a peacemaker whose generous offers were rejected by Hamas.

Things will get more difficult for the prime minister if Hamas accepts the plan — as its every interest suggests it should. For Hamas to survive in power after having staged the largest single-day massacre of Jews since the Holocaust would enable a major jihadi victory narrative. Many Palestinians would likely buy into that narrative, even though Hamas’ actions have brought ruin to Gaza and caused tens of thousands of deaths among its people.

In a third, and murkier option, Netanyahu may try to wriggle out of implementing the plan — something of an expertise with him. 

He has spent decades squaring the circle and trying to please disparate elements of his coalition, always delaying key decisions, whether they have to do with the Palestinian peace process, dealing with terrorist groups or drafting the ultra-Orthodox. Already, Netanyahu is accusing Biden of having somehow misrepresented the plan — and is publicly speaking about its flaws — also a move from his standard playbook, in which he focuses on the negatives of any proposal, usually involving the Palestinians, in order to delay difficult action. Biden, perhaps in anticipation of such a move, has already ramped up pressure on Netanyahu; in an interview with Time published Tuesday, he said “there is every reason” for people to believe Netanyahu is prolonging the war out of self-interest. 

Down this path, in the long term, lie likely arrest warrants for Netanyahu and others from the International Criminal Court, more talk of arms embargoes, more countries recognizing the state of Palestine, and other such punishments. If Netanyahu endlessly stalls, and continues to prolong the war, the current outrageous situation in Israel will continue. A war of attrition with Hezbollah in the north has displaced an estimated 80,000 Israelis; a similar number have been displaced from communities around Gaza; Israel’s economy has suffered tremendous damage, given its reliance on a reserves-based military; ever more hostages are understood to have died in captivity; and tensions with the U.S., without whose support Israel would run out of key munitions and face likely interference from the United Nations Security Council, are escalating.

If Netanyahu instead agrees to proceed with the plan, his immediate problem is that the extremist party leaders Betzalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir will almost certainly move to leave his governing coalition. Netanyahu needs them to maintain his majority; he would probably try to buy them off, particularly with more Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

This would have devastating consequences. The settlements already in the West Bank already make any future break from the territory all but impossible. If Netanyahu were to agree to deepen the settlement enterprise, he’d be miring Israel even more thoroughly in a problem with no obvious solution. And it’s uncertain such a move would work; the far-right leaders he’d be trying to court are purists not given to deals. The mercurial Ben-Gvir, in particular, is said to believe that a spell in opposition and an election loss by Netanyahu might help him position himself as the next leader of the overall right. 

If Netanyahu loses his majority, Israel would face one of the most fateful elections in its history. If Netanyahu and his religious allies somehow win again, the despair among the country’s liberals — who account for much of its economic success — will reach unprecedented levels. Many people will talk about leaving the country. On the other hand, an opposition victory would probably usher in an era of attempting to save the country, with dramatic action both on the Palestinian front and in the state’s desperately difficult relationship with the fast-expanding Haredi minority — which refuses to serve in the army, yet which due to its epic birthrates could be a majority within three or four decades.

These dramatic outcomes are not fantastical. There is a clear line from the events of Oct. 7 to scenarios that could utterly refashion Israel. And at least for the moment, Hamas is one of the most important players in determining which way things might go.

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